Tips for Launching a New App

Tips for Launching a New AppRecent research shows that adult Americans spend nearly three hours using mobile devices every day. What do they do during the two hours and 51 minutes they spend on mobile devices? Their use of mobile apps consumes 90 percent of that time. That equates to 153.9 minutes or close to two hours for the typical adult American.

Does the time that adult Americans spend using mobile apps every day mean you need to hire an Android app development company to create an app for your business right now? Not necessarily. Does it mean that you should do everything possible to launch your app successfully so your app ends up on the screens of people who use apps every day? Absolutely.

How to Launch an App Successfully

Of course, you have to have an app developed before you can launch it. While that’s the case, there are plenty of things you can do before and after your app launches to help it be as successful as possible and to get it in front of people using their mobile devices. Here are some of the things you can do pre- and post-launch to increase the chances that your app will be a success:

Establish Milestones

Before your app is launched, it’s vital for you to establish a set of milestones you’re going to track. These benchmarks will signal alerts to your team which will let them know when they need to get involved to motivate consumers to download or use your app. Your app’s total download numbers, its average rating and your active install rate are a few of the benchmarks you’ll want to keep tabs on.

Another metric you’ll want to track is your app’s turnover rate. A typical person only needs 35 seconds to decide whether or not they like an application prior to deleting it. If your turnover rate is 30-seconds or less, your app may have serious flaws that need to be addressed immediately.

Know the Rules of the Platform You’re Using to Launch

App stores have their own unique sets of rules. It is essential for you to know the rules of the platform you’re using to launch your app for your launch to be successful. If you plan to launch in both Apple and Android stores, it’s often advisable to stagger your launches between them unless you have the bandwidth to handle the demands of both platforms seamlessly.

Use Stories to Generate Buzz Before and After Your Launch

You want to generate buzz before your app launches and keep it going once your app is “live.” Using story-like content is an effective way to do both of those things. You should make your stories available in multiple formats, including text, videos and images. Your stories need to discuss what makes your app unique and communicate your value proposition clearly.

Solicit Testimonials and Detailed Reviews

Have you ever read a review of the latest iPhone that was prepared by an industry expert weeks before the phone was available to the public? You probably have because that type of review is an effective way to get people excited about a new product and it allows consumers to learn some product details that make them interested in buying the product.

You can use the same tactic for your app. Solicit reviews and testimonials from professional reviewers who are somehow relevant to your app. You don’t have to rely on large reviewers exclusively because there are a lot of micro-bloggers and smaller review sites that cover just about every industry imaginable.

Establish a Presence on Social Media

Social media should be a huge part of your pre- and post-launch promotion plans. You should establish a presence on the social media platforms that are the most popular among the people you expect to use your app. You can use your social media pages to share demos, videos and those reviews and testimonials you solicited from mobile app development experts and industry insiders.

It’s important for you to remember to share a link back to your app in the app store you’re using for your launch in your social media posts. If you have a blog that you’re using to promote your app, you should do the same in each of your posts. You want to drive downloads, after all, so make it easy for people to navigate to the landing site for your app so they can download it.

Leverage the Reach of Social Media

To spread the word about your app, you should leverage the reach of social media by incorporating a widget into your app that lets users share your application with their social media contacts. If you’re going to do this, it’s essential that you only integrate with third-parties that are both secured and accredited when it comes to choosing your social sharing widget.

Enable Feedback

Feedback is one of the most powerful things that potential users consider when they’re deciding if they can trust you and your app. With this in mind, you need to incorporate an Applet into your app that allows its users to provide feedback about your application. Feedback has the potential to make you seem more credible, drive downloads and provide insights into what is and is not working successfully in your app.

Use Paid Advertising

To gain additional visibility for your app, you should consider using paid advertisements to promote it. You can set up a targeted, paid Facebook ad campaign, with each of your ads acting as a portal that sends people directly to your app, for example.

If there are apps out there that are relevant to your own application, you may want to investigate the possibility of advertising through those apps or on their websites as well. If you can advertise through an established, trusted app that’re relevant to yours, it can boost your credibility almost overnight.

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