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Our unique approach to Shopify development is our ability to create custom stores designed to fit your brand and help you stand out. We’re not just another cookie-cutter development team – we take the time to understand your business goals and customers to ensure we deliver the best possible solution.

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    Our Shopify Experts Stand Out!

    When you contact Sunlight Media, you’ll be able to order a vast variety of digital marketing and development services. We are a team of trained professionals and have been working in the field for several years to serve our customers in the best ways possible.

    Our experience is not just limited to a certain size of the company we interact with all sorts of businesses and industries. No matter what business you have you can come to us for help and we will take care of backend or frontend development.

    The team at Sunlight Media consists of some of the best experts in the business and we have worked on several projects that put us at the top of the list. If you are thinking of working on the theme development of your e-commerce business, then give us a call and our experts will offer you all the assistance you need. Let’s learn what a Shopify Web Developer does and why you need to hire top-rated experts for your eCommerce solutions.

    What Does A Shopify Web Developer Do?

    A Shopify developer is a professional who specializes in the web development of the Shopify platform. They work on Shopify store redesign, mobile development and improving the functionality of the platform.

    The right experts need to have complete knowledge of different tools and software such as inventory management, check-out operations and more. Let’s take a look at all the key responsibilities of a Shopify Developer.

    Shopify Setup

    The main responsibility of a Shopify web developer is to completely set up an eCommerce store. The store needs to be as interactive as possible along with all the key markers that help drive up sales and bring in higher returns.

    Building and Redesigning Store

    Web developers are responsible to come up with different themes that give your store a customized look. The developers either create the Shopify website from scratch or redesign it according to the preferences of the client. This may include the modification of all the existing themes as per the brand image of the eCommerce store.

    Improve User Experience

    It is important to have a good user experience so that you can get high returns on investment and your customers have access to the services you offer without the hassle. The website design or Shopify app needs to be user-friendly with an exclusive and robust experience that your customers might not be able to have elsewhere.


    For high conversion rates, you need to optimize your eCommerce store according to your audience and a web designer can do it for you. Moreover, to increase the performance of your Shopify eCommerce platform, optimization of different tools, plug-ins and custom themes is essential.

    Integration Of Marketing Strategies

    Many people believe that website designers do not have any connections with marketing but without the help of one, you will not be able to integrate any social media marketing or even email marketing with your eCommerce store.

    Sunlight Media connects you with the best Shopify developers who can connect your store with a variety of marketing tools and Shopify apps that can boost the performance of your eCommerce website.

    What Skills Does A Good Shopify Designer Have?

    best shopify designer los angeles You may come across many Shopify designers but not all of them will possess the skills that are necessary for website development or setting up the eCommerce store from scratch. Here are some skills you must look for when hiring a Shopify web designer:

    Knowledge Of Shopify Admin System

    Since web designer makes lots of administrative changes it is very important for them to have complete knowledge of the Shopify admin system. Without complete know-how, website developers can make significant mistakes that may result in delays or improper setups. Whenever you decide to hire a web designer you must ask all the relevant questions and ensure that they are familiar with all the things there are to know.

    Proficiency In Programming Languages

    To design, rebuild or integrate different themes, apps and tools with your Shopify store the Shopify developer must have a strong command on all the programming languages and even other full-stack web applications that can make it easier for them to perform their jobs and work on the eCommerce development for your store.

    Languages such as Liquid, CSS3 and HTML5 are very important for themes and the store itself. For applications, the candidate must have knowledge of Ruby on Rails, PHP or any other language that features JSON REST API.

    As a Shopify development company, we offer experts who also have the relevant knowledge of Google Analytics or Google content experiments for a higher conversion rate. Moreover, we also focus on giving our web developers the training of different eCommerce platforms such as Magento so they are able to get the best possible outcomes.

    Good Interpersonal Skills

    Shopify web designers need to have good interpersonal skills as they need to collaborate with different people and stakeholders to come up with high-quality solutions.

    Web designers may have to communicate with a marketing agency to integrate the marketing tools into the setup and for that, they must have the best interpersonal skills. Healthy communication and comprehension will aid the store and bring in higher returns.

    Why Should You Hire A Shopify Web Designer?

    If you are unsure about hiring a Shopify web designer then you need to focus on the following reasons why hiring a Shopify web designer can be game-changing.

    Gives Competitive Edge

    You get ahead of the curve. If you get an expert to help you with software development then you will be able to perform better than other competing eCommerce sites. These designers have years of experience and will ensure that your website is user-friendly.

    Addition Of Extensions

    There are many extensions for you to include in your Shopify store. these extensions can make the experience so much better and improve the functionality of your business. To add these extensions you will need the help of experts as they have the skills and the knowledge to do it properly.


    To give your visitors and customers a unique experience you must customize your Shopify website. A customized website brings in more customers and even adds accessibility to your site. Other eCommerce stores may look the same and a similar interface can be boring for the masses. This is why to create a unique brand image you must hire web designers for your Shopify store.

    Growth Centered Changes

    Keeping the growth of your business in mind, it is important for you to take the right steps and add additional features to the store to get the growth you are aiming for.

    Other than implementing features, your web designer will also help you maintain your eCommerce store so there are no hurdles in your growth.

    You can take your small business to the top with the help of the right web design company and reel in all the benefits that come with it.

    How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Shopify Designer?

    shopify web designer near me There are many factors that help determine the cost of hiring a Shopify designer. For instance, you need to consider whether you are looking to hire an entry-level web designer or you are looking for a more experienced and senior web designer. Keep all these factors in mind when deciding the cost for your Shopify designer.

    Where Can I Find A Shopify Web Designer?

    Sunlight Media is the solution you need! We have the best Shopify web designers on board and can help you get the results you have been looking for. Our experts are familiar with all the programming languages they need to give you a great experience and take your business to the top.

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