Magento FAQ

magento faqWhat is Magento?

Magento is arguably the widest used open source e-commerce platform on the market, providing merchants with a very scalable, flexible and intuitive online shopping platform. In detail, it features an array of sophisticated tools for online marketing, SEO, customer management, invoicing and inventory-management, which you can customize to individual needs.  Consequently, the Magento platform is considered the best e-commerce solution option for large-scale online stores seeking a fully customized user interface with many custom features.

What is the benefit of Open Source?

Open Source platforms allow users the ability to have direct access to the source code, allowing developers to modify it to their specific requirements. By doing so, they allow business owners the freedom to host the software on whichever hosting provider they wish, meaning you own your website. In light of this, don’t rent your website, which is what many of the DIY platforms, (Square Space, Wix, Weebly, Shopify etc.) offer. If these DIY platforms go out of business, then so does your website.

What does Magento cost?

There is a free community version of Magento, which is suitable for most small online stores. However, larger scale enterprise sites would require a different level of service. Learn more.

If I encountered problems, downloading and using Magento what do I need to do?

Do not panic! That’s what we are here for. Sunlight Media provides full stack Magento development services for small, medium and large businesses. Reach out to our support staff for assistance.

Are custom extensions still widely supported by Magento?

Generally not, although Sunlight Media can assist with customized extensions or any issues you may be experiencing with existing extensions. Alternatively, you can post a thread to one of the many Magento forums to seek further assistance or advice.

Magento FAQ: Is there an online demo of Magento?

Yes, click here

Where can I see live Magento stores?

Most noteworthy, here are some recent Magento stores Sunlight Media have launched recently.

magento faqWhat license does Magento use?

Magento is Open source software certified License 3.0.

Where can I find extensions and third party connects for my Magento store?

Because Magento is so popular, there are numerous sites online to seek Magento extensions both free and paid. For example, simply do a Google search for “Magento Connect” and you should find hundreds of options.

What features does Magento Support?

Magento supports hundreds of features. Check out this comprehensive features list.

What Payment Gateway providers can I use with Magento?

There are many payment gateway providers that work with Magento. We can integrate any payment provider you currently use. However, if you’re seeking our recommendation, we strongly suggest

Can I host Magento with my current provider?

There are many hosting providers that support Magento. Check with your current provider, though. Otherwise we suggest Media Temple.

How can I find the best support for Magento?

Finally, Magento can be a complicated platform for web developers that haven’t used it before. We suggest finding someone who has a proven track record of building customized Magento stores in the past. Sunlight Media has been developing custom sites with Magento for over eight years. Furthermore, our developers are highly trained, certified and skilled experts on this platform. Get a free quote for your Magento project.

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