Photoshop Retouching

One of, if not the biggest thing that separates a professional photo from just a regular snapshot is the time, care and attention to detail that was spent editing and retouching the image. A professional’s finishing touch on your photos makes a world of difference in making you stand out from your competitors.

In addition to our web design and marketing services, our company Sunlight Media also offers professional services in Photoshop Retouching. Just a small sample of the uses of Photoshop Retouching include:

  • Product Photography
  • Wedding photos
  • Model and portrait enhancement
  • Retouching of old photographs

Do What You Do Best – Let Us Handle The Rest

Don’t try to DIY your image editing job – let a professional handle it! A well finished photo is worth paying a professional for, and DIY efforts using free online image editing software so often leads to unnatural and overly processed results.

We can perform a wide variety of retouching enhancements to your photos, including but not limited to: teeth whitening, stray hair removal, make-up and color correction, removing red eye, wrinkles, spots and blemishes, tattoo removal and more. Give your photos a whole new level of polish by removing those small imperfections.

In addition to removal of any blemishes or other undesirable features, some of our other Photo Retouching services include:

Photo Restoration

Send us your old photos and we can make them look just like new! Some of our restoration services include removal of any unwanted dust and scratches, repair of any damage from water and tears, as well as restoration of faded images.

Photo Montage

We can put together a montage of any of your photos, whether it be for advertisement, catalogue or online use. Let us handle the layout and any image effects you’d like to best present your photos.

Background Removal

Want a background, object or person removed from your photos? No problem. We can add or remove just about anything from your photos. This is a standard process for most product photography in fashion, jewelry, and other industries.

Color Replacement

Changing the color of any objects in your images is an easy fix with our services. Replace the colors of clothing, vehicles, jewelry, make-up, hair, etc.

Color Correction

Didn’t get a good shot due to poor lighting or subpar equipment? We can significantly improve the coloring and lighting of your images, making them really stand out.

Here is just a small sample of photos we have retouched for clients in the past:


We offer quick turnarounds, professional expertise and affordable rates on all of our services. Additionally, we offer unlimited revisions until you are completely happy with your new photos.

We take privacy very seriously, and your images will not be published or made available to any third-party without your permission.

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To find out more about our availability for Photoshop Retouching or to set up an appointment, please contact us today at 323-868-3581.

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