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Sunlight Media offers a full suite of sought-after digital media services, such as search engine optimization, mobile app development, video production and product photography. As you’d expect from an established organization that strives to be here for all your digital marketing needs, we also offer website design, development and web hosting services.

When it comes to web hosting, not every available platform is as great as another. Our long-standing goal is to make sure our clients’ websites are hosted on secure platforms that are proven to be as reliable as possible. From setting up your website to overseeing your hosting platform and managing its features, our team of seasoned experts will ensure you have a fully functional website that’s user-friendly and positioned to rank well in search engine results pages.

Whether you want a website that’s purely informational, a lead generation machine or an ecommerce outlet, we’ll make your vision a reality. And we’ll identify and manage the hosting platform that’s best for your particular website.

WP Engine for WordPress Websites

WordPress is a popular choice for creating a website across industries. WordPress is an open framework that allows business owners to tailor the CMS to their organization instead of doing things the other way around. Easy to use, secure and affordable, there are plenty of reasons why 28 percent of all websites, 60 percent of all websites built with a CMS and 27 percent of the top 10,000 sites based on traffic use WordPress.

If you want to have a website built or you already have an existing WordPress website, the best choice for hosting your site is WP Engine. WP Engine was created specifically to host websites built with the world’s most popular CMS platform, WordPress.

WP Engine is a hosting platform built on more than 30 open source technologies. The platform integrates with highly respected partners like Google, AWS and New Relic and optimizes their technology for WordPress users. These relationships enable you to create innovative experiences for the people who visit your website instead of burdening you with creating and overseeing the technologies behind them.

WP Engine provides a content delivery network that helps websites perform faster, something that’s a must in today’s connected business environment. The platform also provides SSL certificates along with a laudable list of additional security features.

With page load speed being a ranking factor and Google giving preference to websites that use HTTPS instead of HTTP, these things are vitally important if you want your website to rank well in SERPs. It should be noted that using HTTPS is important even if you don’t process payments on your website.

When you sign up for a WP Engine plan, the benefits are immediate. You’ll get access to 35 StudioPress themes and the Genesis Framework for free, for example. Combined, that represents a value of more than $2,000. In addition, the platform’s StudioPress themes are Gutenberg ready, allowing for faster, simpler editing and customization.
WP Engine has four different plans available for hosting your website. If you sign up for an annual plan with WP Engine now, you may be eligible to get the first two months of hosting for free.

Web Hosting Service

Liquid Web for General Web Hosting

cloud hostingDid you build your site on a platform other than WordPress? If so, we strongly recommend hosting your site on Liquid Web. The company was founded in 1998 and the company has since gone on to earn a solid reputation as a reliable hosting platform you can count on.

Liquid Web offers round-the-clock customer service 365 days per year. In addition to reliable hosting services,they provide domain registration services.

It doesn’t matter if you’re interested in shared, VPS or dedicated hosting plans. You cannot go wrong by choosing LW for all your web hosting needs. If you have a Magento website, you should seriously consider allowing us to host your site with LW.

Liquid Web guarantees 99.9 percent uptime and it offers automatic backups for your website. The platform gives you one-click installs for more than 200 applications. You’ll enjoy a choice between Plesk or cPanel plus root access as a LW user. The platform’s performance and security scans, along with its promised uptime, will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your website is working and fully secure.

Liquid Web offer the best managed Dedicated Server Solutions available combined with unbeatable support from a very helpful support team. Available with Linux or Windows operating systems, LW Dedicated Server Solutions also come with 24×7 Proactive Sonar Monitoring™ and ServerSecure hardening.

G Suite Business Email for Email Hosting

As far as email hosting is concerned, our top choice is by far G Suite Business Email by Google. This hosting platform enables you to use your current domain along with all the convenient features offered by Gmail.

G Suite Business Email guarantees that your email will have an uptime of 99.9 percent. With that kind of promise from a reputable company like Google, you’ll never have to worry about your email servers going down when you’re waiting for an important email or you’re in the midst of an email campaign.

G Suite Business Email includes Gmail and Google Calendar, Drive, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Sites and Hangouts. There are two plans to choose from when you sign up for G Suite Business Email, Basic and Business. The Basic plan is just $6 per month per user while the Business plan is only $12 per month per user. G Suite Business Email is free for the first 14 days before the platform’s affordable fees kick in.



Email Hosting Service


Hosting Support

If you’re not familiar with registering domains and hosting websites, the process can be a bit overwhelming. Even if you are knowledgeable in these areas, you may not have the resources to handle them on your own as the other areas of your business may require your attention more urgently. Whether you’re creating a new website or you already have one, Sunlight Media is happy to provide the consulting and support you need for hosting your website.

Contact Sunlight Media today and let us find the best platform for your website and oversee your web hosting for you. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sunlight Media is proud to be an affiliate partner of WP Engine, Liquid Web and G Suite Business Email. In our role as an affiliate, we receive commissions for hosting plan signups with our valued partners. While that’s the case, we stand by the opinions we’ve shared on this page as they are all based on thorough tests and comparisons of multiple service providers competing in the marketplace.