Setting up an Ubuntu server, Part 2

Continuing where we left off in our last post, we’ll cover some additional recommended steps in setting up an Ubuntu 14.04 server for the first time. This post will assume you’ve gone through the initial steps in the first post, as some of the configurations, such as having non-root user accounts and having SSH set […]

Setting up an Ubuntu server for the first time

The first time you setup a server with Ubuntu, there are several steps that should be taken to ensure basic security of the server. Connecting to your server via the command line or terminal can be extremely powerful, but there are also some inherent risks if the server is not setup correctly. The configurations in […]

Using Color Gradients in CSS3

Since the introduction of CSS3, it has been possible to use color gradients as a background, with 2 or more colors gradually fading into each other. Previously, creating gradients had to be done using Photoshop or other image editing software. Used effectively, this is a great way to add interest and even texture to webpage […]

Working with HTML5 Forms

Forms are one of the most important means for collecting information on a website, as well as having users contact you, whether it be logging in to Twitter or filling out a contact form. There are several elements used in a website to collect and send information. This post will look at a handful of […]

An Overview of CSS Positioning

One of the most important properties in CSS to understand is the position property. While much can be done to layout elements on a page without explicitly changing values for the position property, most advanced layout issues will require knowing the different values available for this property. This blog post will take a look at […]

Media Types in HTML5

Since the advent of HTML5, it’s been much easier to add different media types to a webpage beyond just images. HTML5 has made it convenient to add audio, video, and other content types via the iframe element. While it has been possible to do this for a while, browser support for these media types has […]

Understanding Semantic Code

Understanding the proper use of semantic code in your HTML will go a long way to make sure all of your content is presented exactly as it was intended. While it is often tempting to simply use p or div elements for everything, more often than not there is a more appropriate and semantic element […]

Backing up your WordPress Site

There are numerous reasons to routinely keep a regular backup of your WordPress site. Whether to recover from hacking or a bug in site updates, or just to restore your site to an older version, ensuring you always have a backup of the latest version of your site is an important component of site maintenance. […]

An introduction to Advanced CSS Selectors

In a previous blog post, we covered some of the most common CSS selectors, such as the selectors for class (.class), ID (#ID) and type (p, div, img, etc.). There are numerous other more advanced selectors though, for the purpose of targeting elements with a greater level of specificity. Being familiar with the right selector […]

Some of the best new features in iOS 11

iOS 11 was released late last month, and this update brings a large assortment of new features and improvements since previous iOS versions. Available across all iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices, this blog post will highlight some of the coolest new features of this update. New Dark Mode Option To cut down on all […]

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