Introduction to CSS flexbox

CSS Flexbox (or Flexible Box Layout) was a late addition to the CSS3 specification, aiming to address many of the layout issues of a webpage, especially when working with multiple device sizes and responsive web design. While the more recent CSS grid properties are capable of creating complex grid-based layouts, flexbox is often a better […]

Build or Buy – Determining the Right Software Solutions for Your Business

In a song that was popular decades ago, The Clash sang the following lyrics: “Darling you got to let me know Should I stay or should I go?” If you’re familiar with that song and you’re trying to decide whether you should build or buy software for your company, you may want to replace the […]

Native CSS3 Animations

Although popular libraries like Animate.css make it easy to add CSS animations to your project, they are largely comprised of common motions such as “bounce”, “shake” and other stock movements that can feel rather stale when overused. By taking advantage of the animation properties built in to CSS, you can create much more complex and […]

Array methods in JavaScript, Part 3

In two previous blog posts, we took a look at some of the most commonly used built-in array methods available in JavaScript. This post will cover even more of the methods available for arrays natively in JS. isArray() As the name implies, .isArray() will check to see whether a value passed to it is an […]

Picking the Right Type of App for Your Business: Native, Hybrid, or Responsive?

Are you going to have an app developed for your business? If so, you have a lot of decisions to make, beginning with choosing the type of app that’s best suited for your purposes. Picking the right kind of app for your project at the start of development is what will set the final deliverable […]

Array methods in JavaScript, Part 2

Continuing where we left off in our last post on JavaScript array methods, we’ll take a look at some additional methods available for manipulating data in arrays. join() The join() array method will join all values in the array into a string, then returning the string: var colors = [“black”, “white”, “blue”, “green”]; console.log(colors.join()); // […]

Tips for Launching a New App

Recent research shows that adult Americans spend nearly three hours using mobile devices every day. What do they do during the two hours and 51 minutes they spend on mobile devices? Their use of mobile apps consumes 90 percent of that time. That equates to 153.9 minutes or close to two hours for the typical […]

Array methods in JavaScript

The array is one of the most important components of JavaScript, and any programming language in general. Often misconceived as its own data type, it is actually a subset of the Object, along with functions. In simple terms, an array is a compound data structure that can hold a limitless amount of values of any […]

How to make the Magento store more convenient for customers

Color and weight create better content hierarchy than size. Make a prominent phrase bolder and write secondary information with a lighter color. These are just a couple small tips that make content navigation in your Magento store easier for customers. In this article you will find a number of bigger hints. 1. Consider the website loading […]

Why You Should Choose Magento for Your Website

Responsible for about 20 percent of the world’s websites, WordPress is often recognized as the best platform for content management. While that’s the case, Magento dominates in the world of ecommerce, boasting a 24.6 percent share of the market. Widely recognized brands like Samsung, Nike, Nestle and Vizio use Magento for their digital storefronts. Like […]

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