Key Strategies To Establishing Your Fashion Brand Online

One of the greatest gains from social media is its result in creating a (near) even playing field for anyone with good ideas executed well. The fashion industry is no exception to this, with small, boutique brands finding an audience through having a unique voice, disseminated through the all-ubiquitous platform of social media. With this […]

How to get rid of the “You have mail” Unix message

In the process of using Unix or Linux on the command line, you may have encountered the “You have mail” message. It can be encountered on Linux servers or on local desktop environments, such as Mac OS X. While somewhat alarming and confusing, especially the first time, this is generally a fairly trivial message and […]

Sunlight Media wins 2018’s Top Software Developers in the US

Sunlight Media, LLC has been named a top agency in the Q1 2018 UpCity Local Agency Marketplace rankings, earning a spot in the top 1% of all agencies in the United States. The UpCity team has analyzed and assessed software developers and software development firms throughout the United States to find the best companies creating […]

Designing a simple navigation bar with Bootstrap 4

One of the best assets of using a CSS framework is the ability to quickly prototype a design by using abstractions for commonly used layout styles and UI modules. While stopping there can result in a cookie-cutter design, overriding styles by adding your own customization can lead to a personalized design that still follows common […]

An overview of `for` loops in JavaScript

A fundamental principle of computer programming is the long-held adage of “DRY”, or “Don’t Repeat Yourself”. Anytime you find yourself re-writing the same code over and over again, chances are there is a better way to re-factor, without the need for duplicate lines of the same code. One of the best ways of accomplishing this […]

An Introduction to Web Accessibility

While the FCC’s recent ruling on Net Neutrality raises many questions and concerns on the landscape of a future Internet, the very spirit of the World Wide Web is guided by the idea that content and information should be widely accessible and available to as many people as possible, and on many device types as […]

Bash vs Zsh: A comparison of two command line shells

If you have ever used the command line interface on an *nix system (Linux or OS X), chances are you’ve used the bash shell. bash (an abbreviation for “Bourne-again shell”) is the default shell for Unix-based operating systems, although many other shells/command line interfaces exist for the terminal. One of these alternative shells is zsh, […]

Further configuration with the `.htaccess` file

As we’ve seen in the last couple posts, there is so much one can do with the .htaccess file to configure a website. Continuing with some other useful examples, we’ll look at other common functions that .htaccess can provide. Denying access by IP address One useful tool offered by .htaccess is the ability to block […]

Adding password protection to your site with `.htaccess`

Continuing where we left off in our last post introducing use of the .htaccess file, we will give an overview of one of the common and powerful uses of .htaccess: adding password protection. This is useful for creating “Member’s Only” areas of your site, an admin section, and many other applications. You can add password […]

Introduction to the ‘.htaccess’ file

Browsing through the file manager of your cPanel or hosting account, you may have come across a file called .htaccess. This file governs many configuration settings for the Apache Web Server, a widely used server software for cross-platform operating systems. While the syntax it uses can be a bit confusing at first, the .htaccess file […]

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