Using chunkwm as a window manager

When working with multiple windows or applications simultaneously, it can be hugely advantageous to be able to switch between these different windows and contexts as fluidly as possible, reducing any friction or downtime. While this can apply to many types of work, this is certainly the case in development environments. chunkwm is a tiling window […]

Best Marketing Strategies for a Paid App

Do you remember when 2015 was dubbed the “Year of Mobile?” Now that mobile has evolved into the leading channel people use to search the Internet and connect with brands, some people will make the case that singling out just one year isn’t enough to acknowledge the influence mobile has had in recent years. Instead […]

Introducing Gutenberg, the new WordPress editor

For the past 6+ months, the development community behind WordPress have been working on a complete overhaul of the page and posts editor, the first significant change in the editor since WordPress’ inception. The new editor, entitled Gutenberg, has now been released to the official WordPress Plugin store, available to the public to try. Built […]

Introduction to tree

If you spend any amount of time on the command line, chances are you sometimes want some kind of visual representation of directory structure. Fortunately there is a small and easy-to-use command line application that can help with this task. Known as tree, this is a command available for most all Linux, Unix and Unix-like […]

Migrating from Vim to NeoVim

While the official version of Vim is an excellent text editor, bar-none, there has long been some disappointment in the development community with how updates are welcomed or integrated into the project. In response to a long issue with inclusivity in the project management, there have been a variety of forks, off-shoots and re-distributions of […]

Making API requests with JavaScript

One of, if not the most important component of interacting with third-party services is communicating with their APIs. Standing for Application Programming Interface, this is the primary way in which different websites, applications and web services can talk to each other, receiving and sending data back and forth. This tutorial will serve as a basic […]

Fulfill Your Business’ Design Needs with Powered Template

The picture is worth a thousand words. The diminishing attention span makes attracting and keeping the clients’ attention harder, and a massive block of text is no longer enough to deliver the message. Companies that are not prepared to generate high-quality visual content lose to competition and fail. There are several ways to avoid this […]

Introduction to Landing Pages, CTAs, and How They Should Function as Part of a Digital Marketing Campaign

If you’re attempting to create an online marketing strategy, it’s vital for you to understand a few basic things. You need to know what a landing page is, for example. You also need to know about calls to action, or CTAs. Finally, you should be familiar with the way these things function as integral parts […]

Using ImageOptim for reducing image file sizes

When it comes to website performance, it’s important to ensure that you’re making as few page requests as possible, and that assets are minimized and optimized to the greatest extent possible. This is true of both source code files such as CSS and JavaScript, as well as your image assets. Making sure your images are […]

Some common use cases of Sass

In an earlier post, we covered getting set up with Sass and being able to convert your files to standard CSS. In this post we’ll cover some of the most common techniques for getting the most out of Sass — making a variety of style rules significantly easier to write. Mixins With varying levels of […]

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