Product Photography Services

Product Photography Services
Besides website design and internet marketing services, our experts here at Sunlight Media also offer Product Photography Services.

We have years of expertise in lighting, framing, retouching, as well as creative direction when it comes to e-commerce product photography.

Whether it’s on Amazon or your Shopify online store, let us handle product photography for your next big product launch.

With our high-quality services, you’re bound to improve your company’s branding and visual presentation.





Product Photography Services: How it Benefits Your Business

Professional product photography is useful for an array of business activities

  • Creating content for your website
  • Print and billboard advertisements
  • Social media posts
  • Marketing documents
  • Product catalogs & brochures
  • Email campaigns
  • and more!

Get High-Quality Images

No need to try taking amateur shots from a cell phone or tablet — let a professional handle it! High-quality product photos are worth paying a professional for. We have a dedicated team of experienced product photographers and an in-house photo studio. Together, we make your next photo shoot a success.

Expert Guidance

Much like nature, portrait, or other forms of photography, taking product photos requires considering important factors to make sure your product shots stand out. Similarly, you may need some expert guidance when it comes to things like photoshop and graphic design to use on the product pages. Here at Sunlight Media, our team is skilled in image editing, which allows us to deliver results that align with your expectations.

Helps Startups Make an Impact

When you’re working as a start-up, your product images make a big difference in whether the audience will make a purchase. Think about it: you’re developing a new product, so it’s only natural to create everything from scratch. For instance, if you’re making instructional content on how to use the product, you’ll need product videos. Then, if you’re coming up with content to share on social media, you need things like infographics to show the audience how your product can help.

Gives Access To Resources

While the mechanics of point-and-click photography is relatively simple, there is a world of difference between a casual snapshot and a professionally-shot photo. Professional-quality photography can mean the difference between making a lasting impression on people and turning away would-be customers. This means taking photos of your product on a white background or displaying it on a mannequin. Hiring a product photography studio can get you access to different resources and expertise that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

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    Types of Ecommerce Product Photos

    product photography services in los angeles The whole point of taking pictures of your product is to show the audience what your product is. That means presenting it in the right light, quite literally. Here are the types of product photography that you can choose from:


    These are simple images with white backgrounds and little noise in the background. With minimal distractions, they make it easy for the audience to see how they can use your product. It’s a common type of image that you’ll see on plenty of product pages.


    Lifestyle photos set your product in a scene to show customers how they can use it and what makes it desirable. It also allows you to associate your product with a certain personality or lifestyle, making it more appealing to the audience.

    Videos and GIFs

    These can help show how your product works and gives users some visual clarity. Statistics show that using GIFs or videos can help improve a brand’s sales. Around 84 percent of users are likely to make a purchase after watching a product video.


    This is a more recent kind of product photography, in which users can spin an image to get a view of an item from different angles. These images are developed using a line of panoramic photos that are put together. Providing a highly engaging experience, this style is often used to display shoes or appliances.


    If you’ve ever seen a billboard advertisement for a can of soda or a huge burger stacked with layers of meat, cheese, and sauces, then these may come across as dramatic and dominating. These images can captivate an audience as they’re scrolling through their feed and helps to draw them in. Most brands combine such images with catchy, engaging text that prompts the audience to learn more about the product.

    While there are different kinds of product photography, the type you choose will depend on your brand, product, marketing campaign, and various other factors. It’s why having a professional by your side is a great way to ensure fantastic results.

    Get The Message Across with Product Photography

    product photographer near me Ultimately used as an advertising tool, there is no doubt that a correctly taken shot of a particular product can be captivating. Photographers often ask themselves, “what message will this photograph convey about the product?” Much like a wedding photographer wants bright colors and soft lights to convey a sense of peacefulness and joy, product photographers have certain aspects to consider.

    If you hire an inexperienced product photographer for the job, the resulting images could convey the wrong message. They could potentially dissuade consumers from making a purchase, which is the exact opposite of what the product’s developers had in mind.

    Make your latest product stand out above the rest with our product photography services. We have taken photographs of different makeup and skincare products, eyewear, food, and much more.

    Photo shoots will take place at our photography studio in Montrose, California. Alternatively, we can bring our equipment to you anywhere in the Los Angeles county area. After we get your approval on the images, we will deliver high-resolution files of the images you’ve selected. These will be optimized & ready for use in digital or print mediums.

    Please contact us to learn more about the logistics and details for photo shoots. We offer a quick turnaround time, professional expertise, and affordable rates.

    To find out more about our Product Photography services, please contact us today at 323-868-3581.