Product Photography Services

Product Photography Services
In addition to our website design and internet marketing service , our company Sunlight Media is also available for Product Photography Services.

We offer years of expertise in proper color, lighting, and framing, as well as creative direction.

Improve the branding and visual presentation of your company by having us handle product photography for your next big product launch.


Product Photography Services: How will it benefit your business?

Quality product photography can be used for any of the following purposes:

  • Creating content for your website
  • Print and billboard advertisements
  • Social media posts
  • Marketing documents
  • Product catalogues & brochures
  • Email campaigns
  • and more!

Here is a selection of our most recent photography work;


Don’t try amateur shots from a cell phone or tablet — let a professional handle it! A well-shot photo is worth paying a professional for. We have a dedicated team of experienced product photographers, as well as our own studio, available to make your next photo shoot a success.

Much like nature, portrait, or other forms of photography – product photography services is considered by those who practice it to be a form of art. Many crucial elements must be considered when working with product photos, such as color, composition, lighting, and setting, in order to make sure that the correct tone is set and that the correct message is conveyed to the end viewer.

While the mechanics of point-and-click photography is relatively simple, there is a world of difference between a casual snapshot and a professionally-shot photo. Professional-quality photography can mean the difference between making a lasting impression on people and turning away would-be customers. The level of professionalism of your product photos is very often the most important deciding factor for whether or not your customers will want to purchase from you.

Convey Messages with Product Photography

Ultimately used as an advertising tool, there is no doubt that a correctly taken shot of a particular product can be captivating. A major consideration taken by the photographer is “what message will this photograph convey about the product?” Much like a wedding photographer wants bright colors and soft lights to convey a sense of peacefulness and joy. These are the characteristics of the photograph that must also be considered by the product photographer. If an inexperienced product photographer is hired for the job, the end result could convey the wrong message. This could potentially turn off consumers and having the exact opposite effect that the product’s developers had in mind.

Make your latest product stand out above the rest with our product photography services. Products we have previously shot include makeup and skincare products, eyewear, food, and much more.

Photo shoots can take place at our photography studio located in Glendale, California. Alternatively, we can bring our equipment to you anywhere in the Los Angeles-county area. After approval of the photos we’ve shot, we will deliver high resolution files of the images you’ve selected. These will be optimized & ready for use in digital or print mediums. Please contact us to find out more about logistics for any photo shoots.

We offer quick turnarounds, professional expertise and affordable rates.

To find out more about our Product Photography services, please contact us today at 323-868-3581.