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In addition to our internet marketing service and website design expertise, Sunlight Media also offers businesses custom software development. For optimum software design, clients collaborate with our software developer to apply ideas for cloud-based solutions and organize custom programs that run on Windows and Mac operating systems.

Our software developers work with a wide range of technologies and tools to enable clients to pursue business objectives. For example, agile software development and software testing technologies equip users with designs best suited for specific operations. Regularly, the organization interacts with technologies and platforms like iOS, Android, MySQL, MariaDB, Linux, and PHP.

Sunlight Media also integrates Perl, C/C++, JavaScript, jQuery, SVG, Constant Contact, Mad Mimi, and MailChimp, into particular software designs. The company also assists clients with Authorize.net, PayPal, Dwolla, First Data, Liberty Reserve, and Bitcoin payment providers.

Sunlight Media values functional software solutions for streamlined business application development. Through efficient and straightforward programming strategies, clients benefit from collaborating with our team to better plan, concept, develop, and test software designs.

Software Development Solutions

Software designs are developed for businesses to better serve their business goals. The process of software development includes building software applications around a defined set of requirements to better promote desktop and mobile applications.

Due to the benefits of improving the software for businesses, software engineering experts understand the mechanics of computer science and assist web developers and businesses with a software development process that fulfills the clients objectives. As clients present more ideas to software programmers, development teams adapt software programs to be more compatible, functional, and efficient with the various devices and operating systems that exist.

Local Software Developers

Searching for reliable software developers to understand and implement ideas is sometimes a complicated process. Fortunately, there are local Los Angeles computer programmers and information technology experts to move development projects forward. Sunlight Media is an organization with software development services that offer clients collaboration and quality throughout the entire software development life cycle process.

Software Project Management

Our project managers assists developers and businesses with understanding data science and implementing efficient software design into business operations. In essence, software developers provide users with information about programming languages, like Java, Python, Ruby, GitHub, DevOps, and Waterfall.

Other programming languages Sunlight Media works with are HTML5, Scrum, Sdlc, and JSON. With expertise in software architecture & computer programming, Sunlight Media can better assist their clients with optimizing systems software, web development, development environments, and mobile applications. To elaborate, the optimized software operates more efficiently with Microsoft, IBM, and Google platforms.

SaaS and Cloud-Based Solutions

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Sunlight Media encourages business owners to evaluate all of their options when developing software. While different software application options are available online for purchase, other methods of software delivery and licensing for computers sometimes prove more beneficial for clients. Along with traditional software installations, Sunlight Media assists businesses with setting up SaaS. As the name suggests, this method of delivery promotes software development upon an online subscription type business model.

Commonly, most software projects rely on Software as a Service (SaaS) as a beneficial software development solution. As a result, SaaS alternatives to on-site software installations are popular throughout different industries and promote more efficient business operations. Alternatively, businesses may always select an option to lease virtualized servers setups that already operate with pre-installed software. However, cloud-based solutions enable users to virtualize software across multiple server operations to accommodate businesses performing numerous services.

What Is SaaS?

To explain, SaaS is a software development solution with unconventional software delivery strategies. For clients, a cloud-based software solution opens opportunities for users to apply various software to specific data structures. Moreover, clients pay monthly or annually to access the software online using a web browser. To elaborate, clients implementing SaaS software development strategies benefit from having a wider range of Mac & Windows based users.

With SaaS, users control which information technology support teams, servers, security systems, software applications, software installations, and software maintenance systems are most beneficial for their operations. Most importantly, SaaS software development tools available for developers and businesses create easier licensing and upgrading options to better support budgets and operations. Finally, SaaS technologies make different accounts, applications, and projects more secure by relocating data to different sources assigned for specific business operations.

Advantages of SaaS

In contrast to traditional software installations, SaaS provides users different beneficial services. To list the benefits, SaaS solutions often provide users with:

  • Reduced Investment: Normally, users do not pay licensing fees when you go with an open-source SaaS solution. As a result, this saves users more money for front-end and back-end software design. Also, SaaS providers manage the infrastructure that supports user software to reduce investment on hardware and software maintenance.
  • Minimal Downtime: To continue, SaaS software installations on cloud platforms improve the productivity of developers and business operations. As a plus, users experience less downtime when working with various software. Most importantly, SaaS’s agile development platform prevents additional software installations and provide more responsive software designs.
  • Off-Site Upgrades: Software developers responsibly maintain your application to support upgrades on mobile and web apps. The SaaS program also limits workflow interruptions from third-party installation upgrades on business sites.
  • Greater Accessibility: Cloud-based SaaS solutions also provide better accessibility features for users. Put simply, cloud-based software solutions require browsers and standard Internet connections. This makes SaaS solutions accessible on a global scale.
  • Easy Scalability: Furthermore, a software developer generally offers clients more opportunities to modify subscriptions. In most cases, this idea makes SaaS solutions to better accommodate various business cycles.

SaaS technologies

Decisions to use SaaS technologies in software development assists users in numerous ways. Developers and businesses better develop, configure, secure other business applications with computer program development tools. Depending on the development tool, developers better line, compile, edit, assemble, and debug codes, and run performance analysis for their software. With SaaS integration, the software programs process and optimize business operations, increase productivity for mobile and web applications, and generates more secure platforms for its users.


For example, Linx is a SaaS tool for software developers to increase business performance for software development. More specifically, the Linx program develops codes for backend Softwares to enhance platform applications and web services. In addition, the Linx program offers automation technologies for software design and development.

From the Linx program, users easily locate applications, systems, and data structures that integrate well with various servers and platforms. For easier operation, Linx employs drag and drop integrated development environments (IDE), pre-installed plugins, local and cloud server application installations, and anti-bugging systems. Furthermore, the program interacts with SQL and NoSQL, text and binary document styles, and applies web services like Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and Representational State Transfer (Rest).


Software developers also rely on the Electron framework on the Atom software development system for a user-friendly desktop editor. As a plus, the Atom software development application is an open-source source code editor for developers and businesses to better integrate operations across various server systems. Users with operating systems like Windows, Linux, or OS X access customization tools to improve software design. For instance, the Atom’s built-in package manager tool incorporates numerous applications to better edit user interfaces on multiple platforms. The software package manager operates separately form configuration files to offer smart automation, multiple panes, server browsers, and accessibility features for users.

Cloud 9

Developers and businesses also integrate software development systems like Cloud 9 to improve software design. As an open-source platform, Cloud 9 understands different programming languages to increase compatibility for users operating systems. The software development tool supports C, Perl, Python, JavaScript, and PHP programming languages. As a side note, the Amazon Web Service (AWS) software development tool optimizes the Cloud 9 cloud-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that supports different web-based operations.

With Cloud 9, the platform runs, debugs, and scripts code within the cloud to serverless applications both remotely and locally. The platform also assists users with testing codes internally within the platform to better secure data and application functions. Additionally, Cloud 9 generates more productivity for developers and businesses with smart technologies like code automation, anti-bugging, and content and media configuring features. As a plus, the cloud 9 software development program is ideal for collaborative projects with easy-to-use environment sharing features.

Quality assurance from your software developer

For better quality service, finalized software applications can be tested using artificial intelligence services that incorporate machine learning technologies. Sunlight Media values quality assurance by ensuring that all source codes are correctly tested and optimized for speed & performance. In simpler terms, the software development company optimizes user operating systems and applications with the implementation of technologies that support smart features, automation coding, and debugging tools to accommodate different business operations. Regardless of the enterprise, the organization commits to the development of personalized desktop programs and cloud-based SaaS solutions that fulfill client expectations.

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From experience, Sunlight Media continues to strengthen its reputation for developing software for small, mid-size, and large businesses. Recently, Trade-BTC is an example of a web application made for the development of software projects.

With more recorded bitcoin users from the bureau of labor statistics, new technologies such as Trade-BTC is in accordance with multiple industries. To add,  Trade-BTC is highly recommended and handles bitcoin transactions safely and securely. Using this app, users buy and sell bitcoin securely and make withdrawals and deposits safely. Additionally, users experience exchange rates in real-time with Trade-BTC.


For data-driven users, Highcharts provides numerous benefits for developers and business operations. To elaborate, the software is an interactive Javascript application for custom, mobile-responsive data charts. This cloud-based web application enables users to present data in an array of formats, such as line graphs, bar charts, pie charts, and histograms.

Custom Search Engines

The Custom Search Engine Software sends valuable data to users’ internal systems and integrates with personal office computers. The user-friendly software provides support for users with objectives to gather the information that matches specific search results.

Business Software Solutions

Sunlight Media also provides business software solutions that assist users with particular business objectives. The organization handles software applications that support businesses with organizing appointments and consultations on web pages and mobile applications. Through collaboration, Sunlight Media innovate technologies to better assist users with custom reservations, appointments, and client scheduling.

A Custom Software Company you can trust

Rather than settling for less inexpensive or reliable solutions, custom software solutions are often preferable for companies seeking a scalable software solution.

To list a few reasons:

  • You Get Exactly What You Want: With a custom software solution, you don’t need to make any compromises. Custom software is produced for your specific organization, so it will have the features & functions you want without wasting your time on redundant bells & whistles.
  • Creates a Competitive Advantage: Custom software can give you an edge over your competition. Especially if you’re the first one in your niche with a certain kind of program. If your business ideas are disruptive in your field, you can use custom software to implement and execute them. This makes your business stand apart from your competitors.
  • You Retain Control: When you buy software off the shelf, you have no control over it whatsoever, meaning you have no say about when the program will be updated, retired, or enhanced or what kind of support you’ll receive. With custom software, you control all these things, and you decide who’ll be able to use & license your software.
  • You Can Sell Your Custom Software: Because you retain control of your custom software, you can even resell it or offer it as a service to other businesses, which would create an additional revenue stream for your company.

Contact Sunlight Media – your local software developer

If you want to work with a dedicated software development company with the vision and skills required to create a cloud-based web application or custom software to run natively on Windows or Mac OS X, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ll partner with you to create a custom software solution that exceeds your expectations and provides an unforgettable user experience.

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