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In addition to our web design and SEO Services, here at Sunlight Media we also offer custom Video Production Services for both commercial and non-commercial use. Take advantage of  the great marketing power of video, and let your brand stand out from the crowd.

Video is arguably the most effective medium for strengthening your brand and disseminating useful information. If the age-old saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words” is true, how much more is a video worth?

With shorter attention spans and people having less patience for reading long text content, video has changed the game.

Above all, video adds the capability of getting your message across as succinctly and yet detailed as possible – much more so than what text or images have to offer.

Our Best Video Production Samples of 2019


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YouTube Video Production

Since 2013, YouTube has been the second largest search engine, only second to Google. It is more widely used than Bing, Yahoo!, Ask and AOL combined!

As a result, more than 3 billion searches a month and 100 hours of videos uploaded every minute. With statistics like these, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to ignore just how powerful a medium it is for marketing your brand.


Video can be used by businesses for the following purposes:


Video Commercials

Sunlight Media: "video production services los angeles"We can create an exquisite, professional and effective commercial for your business or latest product. Tailored for TV or Web use, let us help you get your message across with a commercial production.

We can arrange a full production crew to shoot on location, complete with director, videgraphers, audio & lighting production.

Seeking drone video? Speak to us about aerial videography services.


 Attracting new clients

video production los angelesWant to attract new clients to your business? Video is the best way of featuring your best work, team members, products, services and a lot more.

Hiring the best videography services can help boost your client outreach and attract new business opportunities.



Product Demos

Sunlight Media is a "video production company" in Los AngelesProduct demo videos are a great way of showcasing your latest products.

They are a proven method in showcasing the best features of a product using live demonstration.

Product videos are used to highlight the best key selling points to help drive sales.

Additionally, a professional product demo video has the ability to also provide instructions on how to use a particular item.

Furthermore, teach customers how to use your product because they always need your help. This is certainly much more convenient for them than reading the manual.



Training Videos

"corporate video production" services in los angelesHere at Sunlight Media we can provide your company with excellent training videos. These can be used for new employee orientation and equipment and/or safety instructions.

As a result, these can not only be used for internal use, but also used to drive sales.




Webinar & Whiteboard Video Presentations

Los Angeles videography servicesWebinars and whiteboard presentations are a very effective way of disseminating information in a clear and concise manner. Similarly, if you want to teach a new strategy or concept to people, video is a great teaching tool. Furthermore, perhaps you just want to share a quick tutorial, then a whiteboard presentation could be perfect for you.

Most importantly, video is a very compelling medium for marketing and strengthening your brand. Putting together a polished and professional video can be quite a bit of work.



Sunlight Media Video Highlights 2019

The components of Video Production Services that we offer include:

  • Planning of the video content
  • Copy/Script-writing
  • Shooting of the actual video
  • Editing
  • Audio mixing
  • Post-Processing Effects
  • Writing of video description/title for maximum visibility

Video is a powerful way of maximizing your conversions, mo

Best Video Production Company Los Angeles

Most importantly, because it offers excellent visibility. It keeps visitors on your site engaged longer, which increases average user time, increasing your search engine ranking.

Sunlight Media will ensure that every detail of your video production service is accounted for. We guarantee to provide a quality final product that will make lasting impressions on its viewers. We offer quick turnarounds, professional expertise and affordable rates on all of our services.

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