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Sunlight Media offer custom Video Production Services, digital animation production & special effects for both commercial and non-commercial use. Take advantage of the great marketing power of video, and let your brand stand out from the crowd.

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    Video is arguably the most effective medium for strengthening your brand and disseminating useful information. If the age-old saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words” is true, how much more is a video worth?

    With shorter attention spans and people having less patience for reading long text content, video has changed the game.

    Above all, video adds the capability of getting your message across as succinctly and yet detailed as possible – much more so than what text or images have to offer. You should also consult with your web design company as to how to best utilize video into your company website.

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    YouTube Video Production

    Since 2013, YouTube has been the second largest search engine, only second to Google. It is more widely used than Bing, Yahoo!, Ask and AOL combined!

    As a result, more than 3 billion searches a month and 100 hours of videos uploaded every minute. With statistics like these, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to ignore just how powerful a medium it is for marketing your brand.
    At Sunlight Media, we see YouTube video production as a great modern tool to attract a variety of audiences to your brand. Because such a wide range of age groups utilize YouTube and even have the app installed on their phones, the reach of our marketing can surely reach the audiences you desire. And the best part is, unlike a TV commercial, any viewer can share your YouTube video with their friends via a convenient URL!

    Specifically, businesses use YouTube videos for the following purposes:

    • Publicizing your business’ core values or mission
    • Increasing traffic to your website, mobile app or social channels.
    • Improving sales leads
    • Increasing conversions


    Video Commercials

    Sunlight Media: "video production services los angeles"The great thing about shooting and airing TV commercials is that, contrary to popular belief, it is possible for practically any business owner who has the money to do so.

    That being said, airing a video commercial on TV does come with a greater price tag than uploading a YouTube video. But, it is a powerful mass marketing approach that can increase exposure to your brand just by thousands of viewers watching your 30-second ad. Whether they choose to dial the number or visit the website on the screen, just familiarizing such a large audience with your brand can be impactful.

    At Sunlight Media, we can create an exquisite, professional and effective commercial for your business or latest product. Tailored for TV or Web use, let us help you get your message across with a commercial production.

    We can arrange a full production crew to shoot on location, complete with director, videographers, audio & lighting production. Are you looking to shoot a drone video? Speak to us about aerial videography services.

    Attracting new clients

    video production los angelesWant to attract new clients to your business? Video is the best way of featuring your best work, team members, products, services and a lot more. As opposed to a news article or a blog post, video can appeal more to visual and auditory learners. With video, your creativity is boundless.

    For instance, a popular approach with creating a marketing video is to include reviews or interviews from previous clients or users of your business/product.
    Hiring the best videography services can help boost your client outreach and attract new business opportunities.

    Product Demos

    Sunlight Media is a "video production company" in Los AngelesProduct demo videos are a great way of showcasing your latest products.
    They are a proven method in illustrating the best features of a product using live demonstration.

    Companies use product videos to highlight the best key selling points to help drive sales. If a product demo is shot enticingly, then it can quickly boost sales by convincing viewers that they want to experience this product too.

    Additionally, a professional product demo video has the ability to also provide instructions on how to use a particular item. Furthermore, teaching customers how to use your product because unless your product’s design is intuitive, you cannot expect your customer to firsthand know how to use it. This is certainly much more convenient for them than reading the manual. Regardless, a creative product demo can make your product more memorable, whether they are looking to receive instructions on how to use it or not.

    Training Videos

    "corporate video production" services in los angelesHere at Sunlight Media, we can provide your company with excellent training videos. Training videos are common for new employee orientations and equipment and/or safety instructions. As opposed to handing your employees a thick, black-and-white printed manual, having a visual and auditory guide like a video can make learning a more enjoyable experience. If produced correctly, watching a video can be much more engaging than listening to the presenter recite instructions.

    You can also get creative with your videos by animating them or adding sound & visual effects, or you can get specific by including product demos or screencast clips.
    As a result, training videos are not only for internal use but also has the potential to attract viewers’ interests and even drive up sales. If you upload your training video to an online video publication site such as YouTube and Vimeo, then it can be discoverable if anyone searches your brand name.

    Webinar & Whiteboard Video Presentations

    Los Angeles videography servicesWebinars and whiteboard presentations are a very effective way of disseminating information in a clear and concise manner. If you want to illustrate a new strategy or concept to people, then webinar and whiteboard videos are a great teaching tool. Perhaps you just want to share a quick tutorial, then a whiteboard presentation could be perfect for you.

    As opposed to filming a YouTube video or TV commercial where lighting, production set, and actors can drive up the costs, making a whiteboard or webinar video is relatively cheap. Because drawing your ideas on a whiteboard is very simple and plain compared to loud visuals & sound effects, your viewer can spend more brain power actually processing your message instead of possibly being distracted.

    Most importantly, video is a very compelling medium for marketing and strengthening your brand. Putting together a polished and professional video can be quite a bit of work, which is why Sunlight Media is willing to help you bring your ideas to life.

    The components of Video Production Services that we offer include:

    • Planning of the video content
    • Copy/Script-writing
    • Shooting of the actual video
    • Editing
    • Audio mixing
    • Post-Processing Effects
    • Writing of video description & title for maximum visibility

    Video is a powerful way of maximizing your conversions and, most importantly, because it offers excellent visibility. It keeps visitors on your site engaged longer, which increases average user time, increasing your search engine ranking.

    Fashion video production

    Fashion video production is practically an essential marketing strategy for any business who sells fashion products. While images on a website undoubtedly showcase your product to the consumer, isn’t it more appealing to see a model actually wearing the clothing or accessories themself? Videos for fashion can publicize the drop of your new clothing line, advertise an ongoing sale promotion, or simply attract more customers. When shooting in the right location, adding background music, and even including subtle visual & audio effects or dialogue, you can cater the video for your intended audience. With fashion video production, there is a ton of room for creativity. This is where Sunlight Media comes in to bring your artistic vision to life.

    What is corporate video production?

    Corporate video production are non-advertisement based videos used to promote a business, company, or organization and its product. As opposed to a typical TV commercial, corporate videos must attract a specific audience, rather than the general public. For example, corporate video can be made for stakeholders, potential investors, or internal employees in the organization or company. Different types of corporate videos include promotional videos, training videos, conference videos, and other videos in internal relations. Corporate video has become a very popular form of communication within a business. This is because it tends to be more engaging for the intended audience.

    What does a video production company do?

    A video production company is responsible for creating video content for various purposes. They are involved in the three main stages of creating videos: pre-production, production, and post-production. The initial stages, or pre-production, consist of planning out the video. This includes screenwriting, organizing film locations, setting schedules, and other internal duties needed to prepare for filming. The production stage is where the filming or creation of the video actually occurs. The final stages, or post-production, is when the video clips are edited and pieced together to form the final product that accomplishes their project’s purpose.

    What is a commercial videographer?

    Commercial videographers, or corporate videographers, are responsible for filming footage that helps promote a business. In other words, the purpose of a corporate videographer’s work is to increase sales of that product or brand. They may also create videos based on company events to help promote the company’s reputation. As a videographer, they must have skill in the area of filming videos. In addition, they must understand the kinds of equipment, lighting, and sounds that go into video production. Commercial videographers must also have a creative mindset. With this creativity they must think of the best ways to market the product so it resonates with the viewers.


    Video production is an essential service that any and all businesses should incorporate into their marketing strategies. It is a great tool for driving up sales and traffic to your business’ website. In addition, it is excellent for creating more brand exposure to the general public. As summarized above, there are many forms of and purposes for video production. At Sunlight Media, we can create TV commercials or YouTube videos to attract clients to your business. On the other hand, we can also produce videos for internal business needs. Regardless of which videos you’d like to create with us, they have one thing in common: when produced creatively, they can certainly help your brand grow.

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    Sunlight Media will ensure that every detail of your video production service is accounted for. We guarantee to provide a quality final product that will make lasting impressions on its viewers. We offer quick turnarounds, professional expertise and affordable rates on all of our services. Call now for your free video production consultation – 323-868-3581