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Mobile App Development Services

The mobile app industry continues to influence more advances in technology and redirect daily routines and operations within communities and businesses. To list a few, mobile app development integrates more efficient and intuitive designs for users with iOS apps, iPhone apps, Android apps, and web apps. Also, development teams optimize e-commerce, app store, and social media applications for most enterprises. With developer assistance, users and businesses better understand web app development and mobile development processes, which promotes more productivity for mobile app users, entrepreneurs, computer programmers, developers, and enterprises.

For most professionals, an increase in the online presence within the mobile app industry offers more opportunities for mobile users and enterprises. In essence, mobile app developers within an enterprise upscale company performance can provide more products and services for local and global communities on the internet. Most importantly, mobile app developers better communicate and interact with clients on their specific app needs with an emphasis on intuitive & user-friendly mobile app features. Furthermore, it is always beneficial for mobile app users to seek out mobile application development services from development agencies to ensure successful app creation & deployment.

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    Android App Development Services

    Fortunately, Los Angeles, California, USA, is rich in mobile app development companies. In most cases, a straightforward Google search for “app development services near me” or “App Developers near me” would most likely produce search results of app development companies in your local area. If you’re in Los Angeles and you see our company listed towards the top of the search results, than that means that our SEO internet marketing services are producing great results.

    For unparalleled customer satisfaction, Sunlight Media, LLC offers android app development services that invite collaboration, extensive research, and experience when assisting individuals and businesses. To add, Sunlight Media, LLC. has a history working with top New York and San Francisco agencies. Dedicated to supporting clients, the organization provides support to inquiries like app idea and ideation, iPad support, google play, UX designs, and SEO. Also, the company offers assistance in product design, frontend and backend design, react native, UI/UX, and software development.

    Mobile App Development Company

    To continue, Sunlight Media LLC offers strategic marketing and SEO planning for mobile app development services. For clients to better compete with other mobile apps, the organization focuses on the monetization and marketing of mobile apps. The app development process requires extra attention to detail when optimizing mobile platforms for Google and meeting business objectives.

    Mobile App Design

    For more creative and functional mobile sites, you should consult with a web design company such as Sunlight Media. In practice, clients and creative designers collaborate to innovate ideas that promote more conversions and boost brand presence. Commonly, most mobile sites have quality content but lack expert design. As a result, mobile apps issues such as unreliability, traffic redirection, and slow site performance issues occur more often. Besides, every mobile app with creative and unique designs attract more target audiences to the app and offers users more straightforward navigation to more brand content.

    Mobile App UX/UI

    Finally, a product manager at Sunlight Media offers user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) services to clients. To elaborate, the company supports clients with mobile UX designs. The UX design integrates various essential components into the platform, such as information architecture and wireframe creation. The UX design expert measures workflows to better optimize the application’s functionality. Afterward, the UX designer continues through the mobile app UI process and improves app styles. Lastly, the app undergoes a portable app test with run click-through models illustrating various rendering processes.

    Are you aware that a typical consumer in the United States spends five hours on mobile devices every day?

    Statistically speaking, other Android or iPhone app development statistics say consumers spend 92 percent of their time online using a mobile device in apps. Of that time, about 50 percent of it is paid in social, messaging, and entertainment apps. Surprisingly, a majority of consumers’ time is spent in-app use. With this trend, businesses seek answers to better app development and mobile, agile attributes.

    Here are the top 5 reasons why your business should have a mobile app;

    app developer

    As a common misconception, apps do not refer to or specifically for large, established brands. In consideration, any scale business within various industries benefits from mobile website extensions. In fact, a well-designed, user-friendly app proves as a potent marketing tool, regardless of organizational operations. Reasonably, searching through numerous mobile app development companies to best support specific mobile app projects is complicated at times. However, an app development company that focuses on the development and personalization of mobile app design is valuable in assisting users in meeting business objectives.

    Presently, mobile users scroll through vast selections of apps to upload onto mobile devices. In particular, some users add mobile app brands onto multiple devices. For this reason, proper app development positions apps as more essential to users and increase brand presence in highly competitive markets.

    1. Increases Brand Recognition

    ios developerRelevancy for apps is essential for successful mobile apps. Known as “effective frequency,” users who do not always use an app on a daily sometimes plan on using the app in the future. As a general rule, most successful apps incorporate their brand around 20 times to consumers to increase relevance.


    2. Creates a Digital Marketing Channel

    app design companyFor transparency and to build consumer trust, mobile development teams design apps to display accurate and helpful information for users. Most apps users download apps and have access to information about the business and the goods and services associated with the app.

    The design of a high-performance app offers users high accessibility to the information and increase brand trust. App development teams also embed push notifications features within apps to provide app users with personalized messages about sales and promotions. Through the notification design, companies gain more leads from direct customer interactions.


    3. Provides Greater Value

    app development companyTo expand, apps offer mobile app developers opportunities to improve platform design and increase site value to users. For instance, establishing a rewards program that offers mobile app users bonus points when downloading an app, which attracts more individuals to the app and increases brand recognition. As app users continue to use the app, the incentive encourages more purchases. This idea also is useful when the objective is to share more content on social media. Creating promotions and organizing contests within the app also identifies as distinct activities for mobile applications. For better coordination on these marketing strategies, a mobile app development company organizes reward programs onto apps.

    4. Improves Engagement

    mobile-app development services
    For higher consumer app interaction, mobile app features engage users through various communication channels. For instance, users receive messages, emails, and notifications from apps appointment systems. In comparison, an app may feature reservation systems and direct communication for inquiries.


    5. Differentiates Your Business from Competitors

    app designer for hireWithin the market, most small to medium enterprises prioritize other business operations over mobile app development. As a result, opportunities for boosting traffic, sales, and online brand presence become unavailable. However, due to the capabilities and compatibility of mobile apps, businesses benefit from the differentiation strategy. Also, the mobile app software enables more opportunities to design content around niche markets.

    Choosing Mobile App Designers in Los Angeles

    The mobile app development process varies form organization. For example, the price, on an android or iPhone platform, and services all vary. Sunlight Media in Los Angeles, California, USA, invites the partnership to interested app developers and businesses. The local organization values high-performing apps that work well with specific client needs.

    As a plus, the Sunlight Media LLC mobile app development team understands that app design changes to accommodate the market better. As a solution, the organization invites long term strategies for clients to continue the expansion of mobile app design. These services for clients are always available as App developers can work from the comfort of their homes. All they need is a laptop, internet connection, phone, and perhaps a video conferencing plan to communicate with their clients.

    iOS & Android Development Services

    iphone app development

    Do you have a concept for a mobile application that you don’t know how to implement? Do you currently have an out-of-date mobile app for your business that you’re trying to revamp? Or are you merely interested in starting an application but have no idea which ios developer to connect with?

    At Sunlight Media, our app developers in Los Angeles are highly skilled and trained in various fields of programming and application design. Our app developers understand the importance of having a user-friendly and dynamic mobile application that represents your business. They will work with you until your app is exactly the way you want it to be. For individual users, ios developers are prepared to service creative and quality app development. For other users, the Sunlight Media company provides development services for android users.

    Regardless of app specification, app changes and revisions ensure quality programs. As an emphasis, Sunlight Media values customer satisfaction in every app development project. That’s why we’re willing to make an unlimited number of revisions to every application UI we design for our valued clients.

    Mobile App Development Software

    To start building your mobile application, it is essential to have the appropriate development software installed. Sunlight Media ios developers and android developers in Los Angeles utilize different app developing software to ensure that we have all the resources to build your dream app. One example of mobile app development software we use is Apache Cordova, a sturdy building software. It creates apps that function across many platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8, and others. This software builds hybrid applications (reference “Hybrid vs. Native App” below). In other words, it wraps your website code (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) into a package accessible through a mobile app.

    Another example of an app development software is Adobe PhoneGap, which creates apps for only Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 8. This software is great because it allows our web developers to spend more time creating/editing your app. Like Apache Cordova, this software also utilizes the hybrid app building technique.

    With these powerful mobile app development software, Sunlight Media can deliver a product that can boost your brand’s productivity. Not only do our developers have a wide range of experience with many types of app development software, but they can accordingly determine which software would best suit your needs.

    Mobile App Development Tools

    Sunlight Media relies on quality app development software, but there are also various tools that we use to reinforce your app. An essential step in the app process after designing the prototype is to test the finished product. To accomplish this, we use Experitest, a popular platform that runs tests on mobile applications. With this tool, we can debug and make improvements to your app based on the test data extracted by Experitest.

    Another aspect that is crucial to app development is ensuring your app’s security. For this task, our developers rely on tools such as AppWatch, which makes a complete security scan of your app. With such tools, we identify potential security threats or issues in your app and can act accordingly to secure your mobile application.

    Similar to selecting appropriate app development software, Sunlight Media developers in Los Angeles relies on other cross-platform tools to accelerate building the product. This tool is geared towards the native mobile app building technique (refer to “Hybrid vs. Native App” below). All in all, Sunlight Media developers create a high-quality product for your brand with these powerful development tools.

    Mobile App Development Frameworks

    At Sunlight Media, our app developers employ mobile app development frameworks like Ionic and NativeScript to code your app. The Ionic framework combines both web technologies (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) and the Cordova software for app development. In this framework, developers can use JavaScript programming or a related language called TypeScript because it prooves our code.

    To continue, Ionic is also a great technological resource for the development of mobile app frameworks. Also, Iconic refers to as NativeScript, which combines JavaScript and TypeScript languages. As opposed to HTML and CSS, however, our developers must convert your interface to use XML and CSS instead. While there are other internal differences between these two frameworks, Sunlight Media utilizes both to construct the application that your brand needs.

    Mobile App Development Costs

    app development cost

    As much as building a mobile application for your business, you may be wondering if your business can even cover the costs of this type of technology. When you search online, the typical production costs for a mobile app can range from $50,000 to $300,000—a number that may force you to close your laptop in horror.

    At Sunlight Media, not only do we care about your business and the mobile application that you want to create for it, but we also want to bring you a highly affordable solution. For this reason, we cannot give an accurate price range because there are simply too many variables to consider when comparing the costs between clients’ projects. Moreover, these will depend on the specific features & functions of the app and how long the app development will take. However, for a rough estimate of how much your mobile app may cost or take to create, contact us. With much delight, Sunlight Media discusses any potential projects clients wish to pursue. More importantly, we value the time with clients to discuss potential costs, brand new mobile app development ideas, and minor upgrades to an already existing app.

    Hybrid vs. Native App

    In regards to mobile app production, users must decide whether a hybrid or a native app is better for business. You can read more about the differences between hybrid vs. native app development on this blog post.

    A native application is a mobile app that consumers use on a mobile operating system. For example, there is the Swift language for iOS. While you can’t install it across various operating systems, the application works intimately on one type of device. It strictly follows the specs of that smartphone’s operating system. The user interface is intuitive because the app is adapted for this type of smartphone’s operating system. In other words, the app will perform exceptionally well on that specific operating system. If you are willing to extend production time over six months, this option may work for you.

    The hybrid application is a web application created with HTML5/JavaScript that has been wrapped inside a native container. In other words, it is a website that a developer changed to function on smartphone operating systems. Also, Hybrid apps work across multiple mobile platforms and are generally more affordable to develop than native apps. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are all examples of hybrid applications. A company will choose this option if they are looking to release a mobile platform for their business quickly.


    Overall, Sunlight Media promotes high-quality app designs. With qualified mobile app development teams, client app development projects undergo a personalized and functional process to meet business objectives. As the trend for mobile apps increases, Sunlight Media guides consumers through various stages of architecture and discovery. After revision and customer approval, Sunlight Media assists app developers through the production and deployment of mobile apps.

    Would you like to learn more about our app development services? Please visit Sunlight Media’s app portfolio. Our Sunlight Media contact information is available for a free analysis. Also, feel free to forward any questions about iOS & Android app development services. As a reminder, we are ready to answer any inquiries about web design services.

    We look forward to creating a sought-after app for your business!

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