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Businesses manage online websites to increase business and promote the brand. With an online website, local SEO companies provide more services to potential customers and target audiences and improve company brand through innovations in website development. Professional sites developed by a web design company attract more visitors to sites and encourage more purchases from online traffic. The online marketplace is highly competitive, and more professionals and businesses seek to improve website exposure through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) AKA internet marketing services.

For businesses that favor the idea of higher productivity and the benefits of efficient web design, local SEO, marketing companies offer much online marketing and SEO internet marketing services to clients. To elaborate, marketing teams assist web developers and businesses with numerous SEO services to upscale brand awareness.

More specifically, marketing specialists offer business websites full-service integration of SEO marketing services, digital marketing strategies, email marketing campaigns, and digital marketing campaigns. Moreover, a digital marketing agency focuses its marketing efforts on clients’ objectives and target audiences when connecting multiple marketing channels to websites. In return, cooperation with a local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company enables both small businesses and large businesses more opportunities to promote more business.

Innovative SEO Internet Marketing Services

From the perspective of an online business, traditional marketing strategies do not always implicate more business. Marketing goals differentiate between brands, and digital enterprises rely on innovative internet marketing services to increase brand awareness. For example, online companies require unique search engine optimization (SEO) techniques and software to better promote social media marketing, e-commerce, landing pages, and PPC campaigns. Equally important, online enterprises benefit from improving web design to raise organic searches, click advertising, return on investment, and search engine results.

Reasonably, a local SEO internet marketing service and digital marketing staff offer monthly marketing campaigns to clients to successfully start and grow an online company. Sunight Media LLC, is rich in experience and values collaboration with clients to provide quality marketing strategies unique to every online web platform.

More importantly,  the organization understands that an internet marketing service is an investment, which is why we offer affordable monthly plans to our clients. From the Sunlight Media website, individuals review various testimonials and case studies that indicate the company as an SEO influencer.  Best of all, there are no long term contracts and cancellations within 30 days written notice is permitted.

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    Sunlight Media is a local SEO Internet Marketing Services company in Los Angeles, California, USA. If interested, Sunlight Media LLC supports web developers and businesses with increasing search engine optimization rankings. Plus, we consider actionable strategies in  our internet marketing services better to accommodate client needs, budget, and marketing goals.

    Browse through the entire list of campaigns below to see which plan you feel may suit you best. You can also schedule a free marketing consultation to learn more about our local SEO and internet marketing service.

    Internet Marketing Services: Audits & Marketing Setup

    seo expert

    Have you witnessed a sudden or gradual drop in website traffic, conversion rate, sales, or another key performance indicator? Are you about to launch an updated version of your website but afraid that it may have an unforeseen negative impact on your business? Do you have a new website that needs to perform well from day one?

    Build confidence in your website marketing strategy with our professional audit and foundational setup services. From experience, clients witness beneficial results on KPIs, infographic ratings, google ads, and amazon accounts when consulting marketing companies. Sunlight Media’s digital marketing and SEO experts inform clients about the fundamentals of good onsite content marketing and how to read offsite popularity indicators. Rather than instructing clients on how to improve the marketing foundation, SEO experts work closely with teams and clients to offer personalized SEO solutions.


    Content Audit Refresh


    Local SEO Company: Search Optimization.

    local seo company

    We push your updated and accurate listings to all major data aggregators so that search engines can easily find consistent local information about your business efficiently and quickly.

    As a result, businesses save more time and become more visible to customers who are searching for your products or services.

    We make sure that Google has updated, accurate business information by properly setting up your Google My Business page.

    Once you receive your postcard in the mail from Google, we verify your business online for you.

    We also share your Google business page for you so you can harness social media’s power to benefit your local search rankings.

    Google AdWords / PPC Marketing Services

    internet marketing service

    Take advantage of our professional Google AdWords management services that cover search and display networks, remarketing, and YouTube video advertising (call for details on custom video advertising campaigns).

    Your dedicated AdWords certified account manager will help you increase your click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate while reducing your cost per click (CPC) and bounce rate.

    We know how to intelligently target your most qualified prospects within a defined budget and geographic area. Our design team provides simple and effective ad creative that matches your visual branding in all popular banner ad sizes.


    LinkedIn Outreach: Lead Generation

    There are several ways to perform Lead Generation via LinkedIn. Rather than sending mass sponsored messages or jumping into large advertising budgets, our strategy is to focus on building connections and relationships. In other words, we want people to know were reaching out to them as an individual.

    We would start by doing;

    1) A complete LinkedIn Profile Optimization by going thru and building presence in a professional way that reflects your company and its unique product or service.

    2) We will work on message scripts based on successful campaigns we have ran for our clients in the past.

    3) We then take those scripts and reach out to key decision makers based on your specific target audience.

    We will respond to all messages & inquiries and forward you any sales related questions. We will send out a maximum of 30 messages per day / 900 per month.

    We feel this is a great foundation to build before running paid ads. This also gives us the opportunity to earn your trust with minimal investment to begin.

    One-time Setup fee: $1,000
    (Includes full business profile optimization, script building, and building client connections.)

    On-Going monthly plan: $450 /month.

    After first 90 days, we can reevaluate the campaign and discuss a possible paid ad campaign or continue outreach to gain further interest and brand awareness for your product or service.


    SEO Expert: Local Citation Building

    Local Citation Building

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    If you are a local business, you already know how important it is to show up in a prominent position on local search results in Google Maps, Bing, Yelp, Waze, and other location services. The algorithms behind the search engines look at many factors when deciding who should rank highly. Still, none are as important as the number of trustworthy directories that list your consistent business information, especially your name, address, and phone number.

    When search engines see this consistent information across the web, they are more likely to see you as a legitimate local business. They are more willing to refer users to your business. Sunlight Media’s SEO experts provide internet marketing services within the company’s’ local citation building. We create listings in the local, niche, and national business directories search engines use to decide to rank you. There are a finite number of listings. The amount varies considerably based on your location and your niche. We will let you know as we near the end of the campaign. Of course, if your business information changes, we must go back and manually update each listing, extending the campaign.

    Content Creation

    digital marketing

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    Content is the core of digital marketing on the Internet. It is what search engines use to determine who is worthy of ranking. It is also what creates engagement with your brand online, and it is what ultimately sells your products and services. Written content is and will always be essential for your business’s continued presence on the Internet.

    Our expert content writers have the experience, creativity, and passion for making even the most mundane business highly marketable across the Internet.





    Link Building Services.


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    This relevant and unique written content is designed for offsite content creation such as link building. The cost includes the written article with no revisions, and an offsite guest post on a relevant niche website. Quality links are very important for SEO and count towards a large share of “off-site SEO” AKA off-page SEO.

    The overall quality of a site’s internal and external links can greatly influence its rankings within search engines. The type of links we post range from generic, page title, keyword, partial keyword, URL, brand plus keyword & keyword plus. We alternate the links each month to make it appear as naturally organic as possible to the search engines.

    Article cost varies depending on Domain Authority (DA). All articles include stock images and monthly reporting.



    Social Media Brand Management

    social media marketingSunlight Media understands the power of social media when it comes to your business. We know its strengths and limitations and how and when to use it for branding and selling. Allow our social media experts to create compelling and engaging posts. By using the image and text content, or your video content, where applicable.

    Our team of social media marketers start by providing you with a customized strategy for your business. We then generate and post weekly or daily content. We engage with your audience and curate your content, ensuring that we use your brand voice.

    Sunlight Media also knows how to manage effective social media advertising, too. First, choose one or more of the following platforms. Then, select the service you would like us to perform.


    Bundle Discounts

    Bundle Discounts

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    Want to get better marketing results and save more money at the same time? We offer bundle discounts to reduce your cost. How can we do this? Generally, when we are providing multiple services for the same client, we can save time when switching from one activity to another. We can also use the same graphic assets, with minor tweaks, on multiple online platforms.

    Speak to us about tailored Bundle Discounts and all other internet marketing services listed on this page.