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Either you want to start – and grow – an online business…

….or you don’t.

If you do, then you must engage in some form of ongoing digital marketing.

Yes, this is a monthly marketing campaign that provides everything you need to start – and grow – an online business.

And if you choose to engage with us, it will be our pleasure to watch you succeed. And we hope you become one of our biggest success stories.

We understand that digital marketing is not a small investment, which is why we offer monthly plans.

There are no long term contracts. You can cancel anytime with 30 days written notice.

Sunlight Media provides expert SEO services in Los Angeles. If you’re seeking to increase your search engine ranking, you’ve come to the right place. We can tailor a marketing campaign to suit your specific needs, budget and goals. Browse though the entire list of campaigns below to see which plan you feel may suit you best. You can also schedule a free marketing consultation with one of our marketing experts.

Marketing Audit / Setup


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Basic Marketing Audit

This quick audit is designed to detect major issues, provide an overall marketing health report, and suggest actions that the webmaster can take to improve their website from a marketing perspective. It is vital to do basic marketing audits on a regular basis.

Advanced Marketing Audit

This more detailed audit will go in depth into specific concerns and issues related to a website. We look in detail into the back end of the website and use advanced tools to provide better relevant data and provide more specific suggestions. This is a good idea for when a customer is trying to make determinations regarding bounce rate, conversions, or traffic quality – or when they are in the process of redesigning their website. The advanced marketing audit also includes everything from the basic marketing audit as well.

Onsite Marketing Setup

This is designed to ensure the best possible marketing foundation for the existing or new website through onsite optimization. This consists of a basic marketing audit to start. It’s then followed by keyword research, suggestions for title tags, meta descriptions, and onpage content, and implementation of all suggestions EXCEPT for those that are not possible by a third party. This is a good foundation for content marketing or SEO Services.


Optimize your Google Search & PageRank

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SEO Services: Link Building

We manually write unique and relevant content and post it on offsite properties such as Tumblr, WordPress,, Weebly, and others. These properties link to your website and provide offsite popularity for SEO purposes. We then list any content we post on social bookmarking websites like Reddit, Stumbleupon, etc. This allows the content to be indexed by search engines faster and allows real users to find the content, which then directs them to your website.

The content will all have good English spelling and grammar, but may not be quite as compelling as a regular blog article, simply because these articles are for the search engine first and the user second. We create this content in an efficient manner to save time and money, and do not perform revisions.

We do everything in our power to avoid creating articles, properties, or links in a regular pattern. This means that some months, you may see us heavily using one link source, and other months, you may see that we don’t use the source at all. Leave this up to the SEO service professionals to determine the best link strategy for your marketing campaign.

Social Media Management Los Angeles

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Offsite Content Creation – Press Releases

Press releases are written specifically for the news media for the purpose of announcing or introducing something newsworthy, like a new business that just opened up or a new product that is being released. We can write and distribute a press release for you on a topic that will be determined during an initial conversation. Sunlight Media will conduct a brief interview in order to get details that we need to write the release. We will syndicate the release through PR Web and measure its performance.

Writing this press release aims to increase traffic, rankings, and visibility for the organization. When the press release is syndicated, it will be delivered to targeted members of the media, who we hope will pick it up and publish it on their sites. Publishing the press release and having online pick-ups by media sources will show search engines that you are more relevant.

Press releases are more effective when they are syndicated regularly. Simply writing one press release rarely creates substantial results. That’s why we usually recommend quarterly press releases to maximize their value.


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Onsite Content Creation – Blog Management

We create top notch, unique, and relevant blogs of at least 1,000 words. These blogs discuss topics based on your ideas or our internal brainstorming, and are designed to create real engagement with users on your website.

These blogs are essential for SEO Services, and can also rank you for the topics listed in the blog. We post the blogs on your website and syndicate them through social media and social bookmarking websites to generate as much traffic as possible.

If you don’t have a blog, we will set it up, and we also provide comment management as part of any monthly blogging package.



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Social Media Management

Setup (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+)

We will set up your social media account to best practices. This covers any graphic design, website integration, and account verification. If you so desire, we will also provide a first post at no additional cost. Please note that Google+ postcards often take a long time to arrive at a business location, and we don’t have control over that length of time.

Facebook App

This is usually a custom gateway page that contains a simplified version of the information you share on your homepage. It acts as the gateway between Facebook and your website. We design this app in the same style as your website. This is highly recommended over simply sending users directly to your website from Facebook because the user isn’t forced outside of the Facebook experience quickly. Advanced functionality is possible, but isn’t included for the standard rate.

Social Media Management for Facebook & Google+

Facebook and Google+ are similar social media networks. Facebook is focused more on users, and Google+ is the far more important social media network for search engine optimization. Generally we will post similar, high quality content on Facebook and Google+. We generally follow a 70/30 rule, posting for engagement 70% of the time and for sales 30% of the time.

One primary difference between our management of Facebook and Google+ is the outreach component. Generally with Facebook we accomplish outreach through ads at a certain dollar value per day depending on the package you select, or based on your budget. These are highly, demographically targeted ads – they can either be likes ads to your page or boosted posts to get more engagement on an individual post.

For Google+, our outreach consists more of manual outreach through the network itself and also through sister networks such as YouTube and other Google entities.


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Social Media Management for Instagram & Pinterest

Instagram and Pinterest are similar social media networks with very different demographics and a few functionality differences. Instagram generally has a younger user demographic and isn’t desktop friendly. Pinterest is an older and more female-oriented demographic and is very easy to use from a desktop or mobile device. Pinterest also allows users to create boards of their favorite images, and can link right to your product pages, making it one of the best social media networks from a sales perspective.

We provide basic graphic design as part of our Instagram and Pinterest management services, and we’ll post on your behalf. We also do manual outreach to relevant users in order to grow your community and engage more with your fans.


Social Media Management for Twitter

Twitter is a good place to post news about your organization, promotions, and calls to action for your community to take in a short text format (limited to 140 characters) with shortened links to your website. Twitter is an essential social media outlet for any business, and is good not only for marketing but customer service as well.

We will manage the account by composing a number of tweets every week, and gain more followers through manual outreach.


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PPC | Paid Advertising Management

Google AdWords / Bing Ads Management

AdWords controls text ads that display on Google and Google search partners, display ads that show on the Google AdSense network of partner websites, and other ads within the Google network such as retargeting ads for people who have landed on your website in the past and product listing ads for Google Shopping. Google currently accounts for about 70% of searches.

Bing Ads controls text ads that display on Bing & Yahoo and their partners, display ads that show on the Bing/Yahoo networks, and other ads that appear across the Bing/Yahoo networks. Bing and Yahoo together account for about 20% of searches.

These networks primarily use a cost per click system where advertisers bid against each other on an ad placement and only pay Google or Bing when a user clicks on their ad, rather than users who only see the ad (impressions) without clicking.

AdWords Management

We will manage your AdWords and/or Bing Ads profiles. Here are the valuable activities we take when we manage a paid advertising account:

A/B testing – we run a few variations of your ads to collect data which will help to improve ad performance over time.

Daily bid management – we adjust bids based on changing factors like search traffic and competitors’ behavior to balance good positioning of ads with appropriate ad cost.

Negative keyword research – we look at the list of searches that are coming in through the paid advertising accounts. If we see an irrelevant or low quality keyword in this stream, we mark that as a negative keyword. This allows us to stop showing ads for that specific keyword.

Campaign structuring – we ensure a proper hierarchical structure of your ad campaigns to better target search engine users and save time during account management.

Performance monitoring – we constantly keep an eye on the most important figures in your account to make sure we are making wise decision based on data.

The historical results of our activities are substantially lower cost per click (amount you pay per lead). Google grades the relevancy of our ads, the landing page they are directed to, and the keyword we are targeting. Higher average positioning (where your ad appears on the search engine), higher click-through-rate (ratio of impressions to clicks), higher traffic, and more qualified traffic.

If you don’t have paid advertising set up, we will provide setup for the account according to best practices. If we need to complete setup, we will determine an appropriate cost based on the number of hours it will take us.

Business & Marketing Consulting

Hourly Consulting Retainers

We are happy to work with clients who are in need of business and marketing consulting. We generally offer a discovery meeting or phone call to start, for which we don’t bill to the retainer. Together with our client, we’ll come up with a roadmap to provide the best possible guidance. This can include business startup consulting, sales consulting and training, & process development. It also includes data analysis, marketing consulting, preparation for presentation to investors, and more. We have skilled team members with expertise in almost any aspect of running a business. We also make sure to put our clients in touch with an expert in the field they are most interested in. It is likely that through a longer consulting relationship, a client will meet with several team members.

For clients spending over $350/month for services, we don’t require a retainer and bill on a reduced hourly rate.


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Directory Citation Building

It is valuable to list your business in relevant niche, local, and national business directories with your basic business information. We find those directories, list you in the directory, and pay any associated costs for you. The more directories you appear in, the more notice search engines will take. Most specifically for maps and local rankings, but we’ve also seen search engine benefits from appearing in these directories.

As part of this SEO service, there are several other actions that must be taken, including  Google+ business page setup. We will handle all required actions for you.


Download our entire Marketing Pricelist and campaign information documents in PDF format. We look forward to providing you with the best SEO service possible.


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