9 Best Marketing Strategies for a Paid App

Do you remember when 2015 was dubbed the “Year of Mobile?” Now that mobile has evolved into the leading channel people use to search the Internet and connect with brands, some people will make the case that singling out just one year isn’t enough to acknowledge the influence mobile has had in recent years. Instead of 2015 being the Year of Mobile, these folks would argue that this entire time period should be referred to as the “Age of Mobile.”

No matter which side of that debate you land on, it’s irrefutable that mobile users love apps. In fact, about 90 percent of the time consumers spend on mobile devices is consumed by app usage.

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With consumers spending so much of their mobile screen time using apps, you may be tempted to create an app of your own. While we think that’s a great idea – especially if you use our software development company to create your application – developing an app is the easy part. Marketing an app is the hard part.

1. Adjust Your Budget

If you’re going to launch an app, one of the keys to making it a success is to readjust your budget if you don’t already have enough resources allocated to the development and promotion of your application. According to a study conducted by the Mobile Marketing Association, it’s wise to dedicate 7 – 9 percent or even more of your overall marketing budget to mobile.

It’s essential that you ensure you have enough resources to promote your app year-round, particularly during times when consumers might have a heightened interest in your app. You don’t want to run out of money just when you’re getting ready to push your app the hardest, so be sure your app marketing coffers are filled with enough funds to keep your app front of mind at all times.

2. Include Marketing Components in Your App

Believe it or not, your app can be one of your best marketing tools. That is, your application can be an effective marketing tool if it has some built-in marketing components.

Did you know that approximately 80 percent of consumers actually want to receive geo-specific alerts on their smartphones? By including geo-fencing and push notification abilities in your app, you can use your application to alert people about new products, special events or promotions or times when a new version of your app or an add-on is available.

3. Know Your Target Market

While enabling your app with geo-location and push notification capabilities will help you connect with people after they download your paid app, it won’t do much to get them to download your application. To do that, you’ll have to do some heavy-duty marketing to distinguish your app from the countless others in crowded app stores.

Marketing an app starts long before your app is available in an app store. After you adjust your budget so that your app and the related marketing activities are fully supported with ample resources, you have to get to know your target market. While you might be tempted to try to market your app to the masses, you should resist doing so.

Your marketing will be much more effective if you promote your app to a select group of people instead of trying to reach everyone. Research your target market and create a profile of your ideal app user. Include as many details as possible in your profile, such as demographics, income, location and psychographics. This will help you fine-tune your promotional activities.

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4. Research the Competition

Once you’ve clearly defined to your target audience, it’s time to investigate what your competitors are doing. Checking out your competitors’ tactics will help you improve your own and create a distinction between your offering and theirs. Look to see what advantages your competitors may have and find ways to make improvements on them to make your app stand out from the pack.

5. Create a Landing Page for Your App

There’s no reason to wait for your app to launch to create a landing page for your application. Use your app landing page to keep people informed about your progress in a novel way that will keep them coming back for more and make them look forward to the arrival of your app. At a minimum, your landing page should include the name of your application, a description of your app and all of its desirable features, a promotional video and a distinct call to action.

6. Start a Blog

Starting a blog is another effective way to build interest in your app before it even hits digital shelves in app stores. Make sure your blog posts are of the highest quality. See if some influencers will link to your posts or even write a guest entry for some added credibility. This is particularly important if your brand is relatively unknown and you’re launching your first paid app.

7. Use Social Media

Social media is a fantastic way to spread the word about your app to a large number of people for free. Although that’s the case, you may want to incorporate some paid ads into your social media marketing campaign. That’s because platforms like Facebook Ads enable you to customize your advertisements and target highly specific groups of people.

8. Make Sure Your App Is Visible

Once your app is available to the public, it’s vital for you to ensure that it’s visible in app stores through optimization. More people will see your app the higher it ranks in app store search results. The main things you should focus on optimizing to make sure your app ranks well are the following:

  • Title
  • Description
  • App Icon
  • Screenshots

9. Monitor Your KPIs

To see how well your app is doing and to fine-tune your marketing, you’ll need to monitor some key performance indicators once your app is available for purchase. Here are a few of the KPIs you should track:

  • Number of Downloads
  • Number of Daily and Monthly Users
  • Stickiness Rate
  • Retention Rate
  • Churn Ratio

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