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Sunlight Media creates superior custom websites for all of its clients. This is common knowledge in the industry, and can be easily confirmed by viewing examples of the company’s work. However, what truly sets Sunlight Media apart is their focus on superior customer service. They understand that a project isn’t finished if the client feels merely satisfied with the work. A successful project needs to leave the client feeling thrilled.

One way Sunlight Media works to thrill its clients is by providing unlimited revisions. This extreme flexibility is granted not only to homepages, but also to every interior page of a custom website project. After an initial consultation, the company will develop three original homepage layouts. These three layouts are completely developed from scratch, to fit the specific needs of each individual client. Recycled templates are never used by Sunlight Media. Once the client chooses a favorite homepage design, the revision process begins. This revision process will not end until the client wants it to end. There are no limitations set, or pressure applied to end a project prematurely. Sunlight Media knows that only a client can decide when a design is ready for development.

Sunlight Media knows the website business, but more importantly, they are also experts in the people business. The company’s unlimited revision policy is a prime example of their expertise and customer satisfaction policy. This is a policy that requires uncommon levels of patience, understanding, and dedication. It requires a business to work harder than usual, which explains why most of Sunlight Media’s competitors limit a client’s number of revisions. Sunlight Media was built with customer service in mind, guaranteeing every client the freedom to be completely thrilled with their brand new website.

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Author Bio

Angelo has been involved in the creative IT world for over 20 years. He built his first website back in 1998 using Dreamweaver, Flash and Photoshop. He expanded his knowledge and expertise by learning a wider range of programming skills, such as HTML/CSS, Flash ActionScript and XML.

Angelo completed formal training with the CIW (Certified Internet Webmasters) program in Sydney Australia, learning the core fundamentals of computer networking and how it relates to the infrastructure of the world wide web.

Apart from running Sunlight Media, Angelo enjoys writing informative content related to web & app development, digital marketing and other tech related topics.

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