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Software Design Principles

Software Design Principles: Unlock the Secrets to Building Robust and Scalable Systems

In the realm of software development, understanding and applying Software Design Principles is crucial for creating systems that are manageable, scalable, and maintainable. These principles serve as the foundation for software architecture, guiding developers in making design decisions that result in efficient and reliable software. Among these principles, the Single Responsibility Principle, Interface Segregation Principle, […]

Unlimited Design Revisions

Unlimited Web Design Revisions: Elevate Your Online Presence

In the digital age, having a robust online presence is crucial for businesses to thrive. Sunlight Media understands this and offers unlimited web design and development as a standard service with all custom websites, mobile apps, logos, and other graphic design services. With Sunlight Media’s unlimited website design services, businesses can ensure that their online […]


Sunlight Media Design Awards

We’re delighted to announce that Sunlight Media has been distinguished as a recommended business by Loc8Nearme.com. This significant endorsement reaffirms our steadfast commitment to providing top-tier services to our valued clients. Loc8Nearme.com, a respected and reliable online directory, is known for highlighting and recommending the best local businesses to its vast user base. Our inclusion […]

Minimalist Web Design

Minimalist Web Design: The top 14 tips

There is something about web design with limited elements that is soothing to the human eye. When a webpage is simple, there’s no need to search through the clutter and figure out where to go or which action to take. Minimalist web designs have become more popular as people have turned to smaller screen sizes […]

Best practices for speeding up your website

Best practices for speeding up your website: 2022 Update

As users, we have all come across this scenario at one point or the other- a website or a page that takes a long time to open. It is a typical situation that will frustrate all of us and makes us skip the site and search for an alternative. We expect website and web pages to respond […]

Creating a Website for Your Law Firm

Creating a Website for Your Law Firm (2022 Update)

In this day and age, everyone is on the internet searching for products and services, as well as other helpful information. The internet has created unlimited opportunities for businesses to thrive. Building brands and advertising have become a necessity for businesses to leverage the internet in sourcing for new clients. This has now been replicated […]