How to attract sales leads using Instagram

How to attract sales leads using InstagramInstagram is a content driven website so it’s critical that users who wish to increase their popularity also be content creators. While tagging and keywords are a big part of being noticed, others users will only follow someone or like them if they are regularly uploading content, either pictures or video.

Sharing Instagram Content

Depending on the industry a person is in, sales leads can be attracted by sharing a variety of content. If you are selling products, it may be a good idea to regularly post product photos and photos of people using said product in different ways.

Or, if you’re a service based organization, it may be a good idea to share video and photos of people visiting your establishment, engaging with your staff, and having a good time at your place of business. If you are an arts based organization like a photography company, or an individual photographer, it would be wise to share one’s own pictures and behind-the-scenes imagery. Again, Instagram is a content-driven site so all your work should come from that point of view of your business, and aim at the consumers, not at a general audience.

Keywords & Hashtags

Once you are generating a good amount of QUALITY content (Remember, people only follow you if you’re posting images and video of things that they are interested in), your follower base should be starting to grow. If pictures are out of focus [by mistake], or otherwise just bad, people will not be interested), the next important step is identifying the relevant keywords that people will use to find your content.

Hashtags are used much in the same as they are on Twitter and should reflect your organization, your products, and your brand. It is also a good idea to identify the hashtags being used by rivals or hashtags that are currently popular.


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