The Top 10 Startups of Los Angeles in 2016

Startups of Los Angeles in 2016In recent years, Los Angeles has become a hotbed for tech startups of all shapes and sizes, giving Silicon Valley a run for its money. Friends and clients alike often ask us about what tech companies are based here in LA, and so we’ve decided to compile a list of some of the major players to keep an eye out for. Below are our picks of 10 relatively new startups (all founded less than five years ago) that are making waves on the LA tech scene.

HyperLoop One

Probably the most revolutionary startup in the Los Angeles area is Hyperloop One (formerly Hyperloop Technologies). Founded in 2014, the company was formed to explore and realize Elon Musk’s Hyperloop idea, providing high-speed transportation of goods and passengers via vacuum tube train. The current work by the company is projected to reach speeds of 700mph by the end of 2016, although the upward limit for vacuum tube trains is 4,000 – 5,000 mph, at least in concept. HyperLoop One’s long-term goal is to have a fully-functional HyperLoop by 2020.

Brilliant Bicycle Co.

Launched just last year, Brilliant is a new startup offering quality, stylish bicycles at very affordable prices. They offer a wide array of customizable options including style of bike, size, color, number of gears and more. What’s even greater is that these hip, hand-made bikes start as low as $250. Each shipped bike will arrive at your home, and can easily be assembled within 30 minutes.

Purple Services Inc.

Purple Services is a new company that may just disrupt the gas station industry. The premise of the service is that they will deliver gasoline to subscribers anywhere in their service areas (currently Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and Seattle). They offer multiple different subscription plans, including customization of fuel type, amount of fuel, and even window of delivery time. In a city where transportation reliability is so imperative, Purple Services is likely to see a warm welcome here in LA.


The premise of Saucey is simple: alcohol delivered right to your door, all via their mobile app. They offer an enormous selection of beer, wine and spirits to choose from, as well as a curated collection of snacks and cigars. Saucey currently delivers in the cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and Chicago, with additional cities being added all the time. Be prepared to pay a fairly hefty premium for that last-minute 6-pack or bottle of champagne, though.


The $27 billion self-storage industry may have just met its match with Clutter – a new service that will pick up and pack your belongings, place them in storage, and then retrieve them when you need them back. They offer several different sized plans (anywhere from $7/month for items under 35 lbs., to $600/month for a 2-bedroom apartment worth of stuff), and have service areas in most of Southern California, New York/New Jersey, and San Francisco.


Heal is a new service for the healthcare industry that will bring a doctor to your home within 60 minutes, and for a flat rate of $99, with no additional hidden costs. They have a team of qualified and experienced doctors, with specialties in everything including Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Family Practice and Emergency Medicine. While all visits are a flat-rate of $99, they do offer co-pay with select insurance providers such as Aetna, United Healthcare, and Anthem BlueCross.


Float is still in the early stages of development, but the objectives of the company are fairly promising: the startup has developed an entirely digital credit card that will be issued and active within 180 seconds of signing up (upon approval) – this is leaps and bounds faster than the 2 – 3 weeks it typically takes banks to issue credit approval. Lines of credit are currently only available to Utah residents, but they are expected to expand to other states over the next 12 months.

Signal Sciences

Signal Sciences is a new internet security company that has developed what they refer to as a Next Generation Web Application Firewall (NGWAF). The premise of their product is to give companies better control, safety and insight on the security of their applications and their customers. Co-founded by previous engineers of Etsy, the potential of the company has received strong support, having already received $11.7 million in funding.


Ostensibly “Uber for Kids,” HopSkipDrive is a new driving service solely focused on transportation for children. Co-founded by three career-driven mothers, the company offers on-demand ride services with your children’s safety being the number one priority. The driver selection process is extremely meticulous, with most drivers culled from nursing or family care backgrounds. HopSkipDrive is currently serving San Francisco, Orange County and the greater Los Angeles area.


The oldest company to make the list, FreedomPop (founded in 2012) aims to bring 100% free mobile phone and internet service to all of the United States. Their basic plan offers 500 texts, 200 voice minutes, and 500 mb of data, all 100% free. They also offer Premium Unlimited Plans at up to 80% off other carriers like AT&T, Spring and T-Mobile. Customers can use their own existing smartphones, or purchase a new device through FreedomPop for a fraction of the regular retail price.



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