The top 10 best free websites for girls

The top 10 best free websites for girlsSpark City World website is for girls who are from about 6 to 14 years of age. The website features games, crafts, shopping for avatar fashions and a chat capability. Parents need to approve membership for girls under age 13.

Discovery Girls

is a site where tweens can communicate with each other. It is the website for the DISCOVERY GIRLS magazine, but doesn’t include any of the magazine content on the site. It is a good communication site where girls can be interactive in blogs, and join special interest clubs for interests in sports, music, books etc.

Miss O and Friends

is a site that was started by a teenager in 2005. This site is for girls 8 and up. It is a very safe and creative site where girls can write stories, create recipes and plays and also chat with friends.

New Moon Girls

Online is for girls 10 years and older where they can learn about famous women from the past and famous women in our world now. This is a spinoff from the NEW MOON GIRLS magazine. This is a safe community and a place where girls can publish creative work.


is for girls from 9 to 15 and it provides a safe place where girls can blog and get feedback. The site monitors blogs and responses and filters any unsafe or cruel content.

is for girls from 10 up. It was developed by the Girl Scouts of America and is an educational site stressing math and science. The site is not well kept up and not too interactive.

It’s My Life

is an educational PBS site with no ads for girls 10 up.

It is very well recommended and a place where girls can learn about all facets of life as a teen.

My Pop Studio

is for girls age 11 and up. This is a site where girls learn about media and marketing media. It is very entertaining and uses TV and music to teach about messaging.

Sweety High

is a closed social network for girls 10 and up. This site allows users to film themselves performing and post the video. There are very strict privacy controls on the site.


is another recommended website for girls 8 and up. it is a friendly social site that helps girls feel good about themselves. Rather than feeling good about being pretty, it encourages good feelings for being smart and kind.


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