The top 10 best ecommerce website tips

The top 10 best ecommerce website tipsE-commerce is a booming business in our internet age. More and more people are looking to make money by selling their wares online. Being successful in e-commerce isn’t rocket science, but there are several steps that will help make your business the best it can be. Let’s take a look at the top ten things you need to run a successful e-commerce website business.

1. Logo

You want to make sure that the logo for your company is something eye catching, yet simple and immediately recognizable. The customer should be able to tell something about your company and it’s products just by looking at the logo. Today’s shoppers are very cautious, and the first impression you will make is with your logo, so make sure that it looks professional and catches the customer’s attention.

2. Specials

Today’s consumer is always looking for the next great deal. With all of the shopping websites available at their fingertips, you need to make sure that your website stands out and encourages them to buy now. Creating a sense of urgency by running limited time only specials, such as offering free shipping or a discount, will help encourage customers to buy now. Be sure to compare your prices and deals to competitors to make sure that you are offering the best option for your customer.

3. Stay Current

Staying on top of trends will benefit any business tremendously. Being aware of what is popular at the moment, and what is beginning to pick up in popularity, is key when choosing inventory. Make sure that the business is carrying up to date, in demand products that will boost revenue and encourage sales. Make sure that these products are the first thing that the customer sees when they visit the website.

4. Name Brands

Brand recognition is huge in today’s culture. By carrying familiar and trustworthy brands, your customer base will feel more comfortable purchasing from you. Make sure that the name brand items you carry are visible on the very first page of results for that product; don’t make your customer go hunting for the products they are familiar with.

5. Appropriate Tools

Online shoppers have come to expect certain tools for them to use in their shopping, so make sure that these are offered to them and easy to find and use. A shopping cart and search bar are necessities for any e-commerce website. Allowing returning users to create a login will also encourage repeat usage and help provide a sense of security when making purchases from the website. Make sure that links to all of these options are visible from every page of your website and put in easy to find places.

6. Payment

Payment options are a crucial part for any business. Make these options clearly known and ensure that any special circumstances (not being able to ship outside of the US, for example) are clearly stated when the customer is checking out.

7. Social Media

In today’s world, people are always looking for ways to connect. By putting your business on popular social media and networking sites, you will gain exposure with new customers and give your current customers the opportunity to feel up to date and informed about your business. Consider offering specials for those current social media followers, and be sure to include links to these networks on your website.

8. Contact Information

Making your company easy to get a hold of will give the customer more comfort in shopping on your website, something very important with today’s focus on cyber-safety. Make the phone number and email address for your company visible, and consider offering a live chat option during regular business hours to personally assist customers in real time.

9. Locate A Store

Although online shopping is very popular, some people still prefer an in-person shopping experience. If you have a brick and mortar store, make sure that you offer your customers the ability to find their nearest location on your website.

10. Proof Of Trustworthiness

Security is something today’s online shopper is constantly concerned about. Include any awards and acknowledgements your website has received in clear view on the website. Watermarks from well known organizations will help put the customer at ease when buying from you. The layout of your website can also encourage customers to shop and feel safe; be sure to make things easy to understand and professional looking to create a comfortable atmosphere for shoppers.

By using these ten tips, you can help ensure that your website will be as successful as it can be.  Contact us for expert ecommerce web design services


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