Landing Pages CTA: The Ultimate Guide 2018

Landing Pages CTAs

If you’re attempting to create an online marketing strategy, it’s vital for you to understand a few basic things. You need to know what a landing page is, for example. You also need to know about calls to action, or CTAs. Finally, you should be familiar with the way these things function as integral parts of a digital marketing campaign. As we take a look at landing pages and CTAs, how they function within an online marketing campaign will become self-evident.

The Fundamentals of Landing Pages

If you’ve ever clicked on a digital advertisement, the odds are good you ended up on a landing page. In general, a landing page is a standalone web page that’s made to support an online marketing campaign. Landing pages typically have one single goal, which is referred to as a call to action. Their singular objective and inherent simplicity are what make landing pages an effective way to increase the conversion rates your paid advertisements produce.

Organic vs Paid Search Traffic

To better understand what a landing page is, it’s helpful to consider your organic traffic versus your paid search traffic. Again, landing pages are designed for the paid traffic that’s driven to your pages by things like Google AdWords.

An ordinary Google search results page will often have four main parts. These areas include paid results from Google AdWords, paid results from Google Shopping Ads, Google’s featured snippet and organic search results.

Organic search results, which are displayed at the bottom of a SERP, include the links Google has chosen to display in response to a search query. These links are the reason you have a website, which is to be found via organic search. You have no control over which links Google chooses to include in a user’s organic search results, although you definitely want links to your site to be in the mix no matter where a visitor ends up on your website.

When you use PPC ads or another ad format, you choose where the people who click your links wind up. Whether you send them to your homepage or another destination, it’s entirely up to you, not Google. While that’s the case, it’s generally wise to send people to a dedicated landing page if you’re currently conducting a digital marketing campaign.

Homepages vs Landing Pages

The point of homepages and landing pages is different. While a homepage may introduce your goods or services to a visitor, your landing page has one objective as we mentioned earlier. And that objective is to get your visitors to respond to the single CTA on your landing page.

Because their purposes differ, homepages and landing pages normally look different. A homepage may have multiple links to other pages on your website, but a landing page will ordinarily have just one link positioned next to, above or below the page’s call to action.

In other words, landing pages usually have fewer things that will draw a visitor’s attention away from your CTA. Since they have a smaller number of distractions, landing pages are often successful at increasing conversion rates in the context of paid online advertising.

Kinds of Landing Pages

While you may come across other types from time to time, there are two basic structures that are normally used for landing pages. The first type is a lead generation landing page. Also referred to as “lead gen” and “lead capture” pages, lead generation landing pages are the most common ones used for B2B online marketing.

The call to action on a lead generation landing page normally involves some type of web form. The form is the vehicle through which you want your visitors to share information about themselves. Names, zip codes and email addresses are some pieces of information you may want to ask your visitors to share.

A click-through landing page is the other type of landing page you’ll encounter often. This kind of landing page normally uses a button as its call to action. E-commerce websites usually use click-through landing pages as part of their digital marketing campaigns.

How to Create Effective CTAs

A CTA is what you’ll use to get your visitors to perform a specific action. Whether you want them to complete a web form, click for information, share your content on their social media pages or something else, you need to include a CTA on your landing pages so your visitors will know what you want them to do next.

While that may sound easy enough, creating successful CTAs can be challenging. Your CTAs need to compel people to do something they may not want to do or they hadn’t considered doing before, after all.

As a general rule, effective calls to action often have some characteristics in common. Here are a few of them:

  • They establish why taking the next step is beneficial
  • They use simple language and verbs
  • Their buttons often employ the voice of the customer with language like “show me” or “send me”
  • They incorporate imagery and graphics
  • Their phraseology is strong
  • They use dialog instead of sales tactics
  • If they’re for a service provider, they may hint at a partnership with terms like “let’s do this together”
  • They infuse color to evoke emotions
  • They generate excitement with exclamation points
  • They create a sense of urgency and immediacy

Your CTAs don’t have to have all of the traits listed above to be highly effective. In fact, some of the characteristics may not be appropriate depending on what you want your visitors to do.

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