Key Strategies To Establishing Your Online Fashion Brand

Establishing Online Fashion Brand

One of the greatest gains from social media is its result in creating a (near) even playing field for anyone with good ideas executed well. The fashion industry is no exception to this, with small, boutique brands finding an audience through having a unique voice, disseminated through the all-ubiquitous platform of social media. With this aim, there are many social media best practices that can help you leverage the potential of your product, bring new awareness to your brand, and ultimately convert followers into loyal customers. This blog post will take a look at some of the best strategies and concepts to keep in mind when planning your approach to social media marketing.


Choosing the Right Outlet

One of the more difficult challenges posed by social media and the Internet (and technology in general) is the overabundance of information and choices. Sometimes referred to as the “the paradox of choice,” this phenomena can result in feeling overwhelmed, unsure of where to start. Rather than embrace every available option, it’s better to focus your efforts on the channels that are likely to bring the greatest results. Social media platforms that are visually oriented, such as Instagram or Pinterest, are going to be a better fit for fashion brands over platforms such as Twitter.

Know Your Audience

Rather than just copy-and-paste the same content across all networks, it’s important to be aware of the differences in style and presentation typically employed on the different platforms. Examples include using Instagram for more “street style” photography showcasing your line, sharing fashion and style tips via Pinterest, or utilizing Facebook for content aimed to be shared across your audience’s friend network.

Tell a narrative about your customer

The ideal and imagined customer for your brand should be clear and distinct. Whether real or aspired to, your brand should paint a visceral image of the lifestyle of your customer. As a simple example, the typical customer of Nike and Kate Spade are likely vastly different people, and should be marketed to with these differences in mind. Who your customers are, what they do for work, what fun looks like to them, and their likely interests are all facets to take into consideration when telling a narrative that’s immediately recognizable to your target audience. This can take a bit of planning, brainstorming and research but it’s a crucial step in carving out your voice in a competitive and saturated market. Training in graphic design and traditional marketing strategy can provide useful skill sets for knowing how to best shape the presentation of your brand.

User Engagement

Social media is always a two-way communication. Rather than just viewing social media as a platform for publishing your content, it should be viewed as a conversation with your audience and potential customers. Listen to followers’ feedback, engage with them in the comments and make them feel like their voices are being heard.

One way to increase user engagement is by offering the occasional contest or giveaway to your audience. This will not only increase activity but also a way to award loyal followers. A word of caution, though, earlier this year Facebook began penalizing accounts employing “engagement-bait” to increase interaction. With that in mind, this strategy must be used with care, especially with regard to the platforms chosen to offer it on.

It’s ok to be personal sometimes

As important as “professionalism” is to the success of any company, being personable, friendly and ultimately yourself will go a long way in attracting loyal followers. Users are more likely to engage with brands they can relate to and do more than market their product. Occasionally sharing personal stories in an honest way can be effective in painting a picture of the real-life people behind your brand.


It may go without saying, but both fashion and social media trends change rapidly, and it’s crucial to success to stay abreast of the latest tendencies in both areas. Whether you are just starting a new fashion line or need a second opinion on taking a new direction, consulting an internet marketing specialist can be of great help to establishing the best marketing strategy for your brand.


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