Designing a Website with Lead Generation in Mind

Designing a Website with Lead Generation in MindIn many instances, businesses count on their website to generate leads. While there are a lot of ways you can increase the number of people who visit your website, there are also a few things you can do to convert those visitors into leads. You may think having well-written content that’s loaded with keywords is enough to convert your visitors, but it isn’t. To convert your visitors successfully, your website needs to have certain design elements.

If you’re tempted to start examining your web design to see what elements it may be missing, stop. You need to do something else first. You need to figure out what a lead is as it pertains to your business. Is a lead someone who fills out a form, subscribes to your newsletter, downloads a whitepaper or engages you in an online chat? Or do you define a lead in an entirely different way?

Once you know your definition of a lead, picking the appropriate design elements & lead generation tools your website needs to generate leads will be much easier. It will also be easier for you to set lead generation goals that are both achievable and realistic.

Web Design Elements for Lead Generation

Now that you know what a lead is in the context of your business and you’ve set your lead generation goals, it’s time for you to incorporate the appropriate elements into your web design so you can capture the kinds of leads you’re looking for. Here are some of the elements you may want to incorporate into your web design:

Contact Number

Even if you conduct all of your business over the Internet, you should put a contact number on your website. Don’t limit your contact information to just one page. Instead, put your phone number in a prominent place on every one of your webpages. Making your phone number immediately available to your website’s visitors will instill confidence in your brand even if your visitors never use your phone number to contact you.

You can take things one step further and get a vanity phone number. A vanity phone number often consists of words that relay information about your business. While some vanity phone numbers have local area codes, many of them are toll-free. Regardless of whether you use a local or toll-free area code, vanity phone numbers give the impression that your business is well-established and will be around for a long while. They’re also easier to remember than all-numeric phone numbers.

Contact Forms

If you want to capture leads, you need to make it easy for people to share their personal information. Having a contact form on each of your website’s pages will make it simple for your visitors to tell you about themselves. Consider using a form building tool to create a professional and branded form that instantly inspires trust in your visitors.

The key to using contact forms is to avoid asking for too much information too soon. In general, it’s wise to keep your contact forms short to start and ask for just one piece of semi-anonymous information such as a person’s zip code.

As a visitor continues to interact with your business using your website, you can ask for additional information like the individual’s email address and name. People filling out subsequent forms will be more likely to share more personal information because they didn’t have to share too much when they filled out the first contact form.


It’s common knowledge that online reviews can have a big influence on many people’s purchasing decisions. You should leverage this knowledge to your advantage by sharing testimonials on your website. While written testimonials are typically powerful marketing tools on their own, you can magnify their power by pairing them with pictures of their authors or sharing video testimonials.

Don’t just post testimonials on your website in a vacuum, so to speak. Share links to review websites where your visitors can read more testimonials about your business or your goods and services. Include an invitation for them to write their own review of your business, too.

call to action lead generationCalls to Action

People will visit your website for different reasons and it’s your website’s job to help them achieve whatever purpose they navigated to your site for. To do this, you must include a call to action on every page on your website.

Obviously, people will land on different webpages depending on how they made their way to your website, which should give you a good idea of their intent. Every landing page should have a CTA that moves your visitors to the next natural step in the process that will take them to a desired end result.

While you may have an assortment of CTAs throughout your website that are directed toward people at different stages of the sales funnel, your site should have a main call to action that motivates people to take the primary action you want your visitors to take. Review the definition of a lead that you came up with earlier and use that as the basis for your main CTA.


You don’t want to distract your website’s visitors from the actions you want them to take. Avoid putting things on your web pages that aren’t necessary and use the resulting white-space to your advantage in your web design. If your pages are too crowded with ancillary pictures and content that don’t add value or provide relevant information, it may have a negative influence on your conversion rate.

Action Verbs

Using moving action verbs in your content and calls to action is another element you may want to incorporate into your web design. Instead of telling people they “should get” a product, tell them they can “feel better” or “enjoy an improved quality of life” with your products so they can envision themselves benefiting from the things you sell.

Custom Web Design

Similar to making your phone number readily available on your website, having a well-designed lead generation website will instill trust in your brand. Don’t go with a cookie cutter template. Invest in a custom web design that will drive leads instead. That’s what you’ll get when you choose Sunlight Media – a custom website that’s ideal for generating leads. Contact our website design company to get a quote for a lead-generating website for your business now.

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  • David Asarnow December 23, 2019 at 1:07 am

    A great website design should help from awareness to engagement to driving new business. Think of this and let it be your guide when designing your website. Never too late to tweak if you already have existing website.

    David Asarnow

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