Buy websites & mobile apps direct from eBay

Buy websites & mobile apps direct from eBayAn independent review of Sunlight Media’s eBay store.

This eBay search displays a variety of listings from user ‘sunlightmedia.’ The user currently has 20 reviews and a yellow star, which indicates an active and reliable seller. Moreover, the seller has zero negative reviews, which is rare. The user sunlightmedia has seventeen active listings. All are the ‘buy it now’ option. Most of the listings are for web-based services. The seller also has a listing for 3D modeling. Otherwise, the listings can be divided into three specific categories: app development, website design, and marketing; as well as full e-commerce businesses for sale.

While it’s fairly common knowledge at this point that mobile internet use is a crucial component of most people’s day-to-day lives in 2016, it can be instructive to review some of the facts on mobile usage. Knowing what devices people are spending the most time on is critical for having the most effective marketing and user experience plan for your business.

App Development on eBay

The first category is app development. The seller has two listings in this category – a specific listing for Real Estate mobile apps, and a generic mobile app for Android development. These are the two highest-priced listings by this user. Next, the seller has a few listings for custom websites. There are two listings for custom five page websites – one with training included, and one that does not include training but does include a tablet-friendly customization. These are followed by listings for both internet and social media marketing. There is also a listing for general web design services. Finally, there is a fully functional wordpress template for sale. The website includes a full admin dashboard and includes both the initial setup and transfer.

Business Sales on eBay

The final category is business sales. The seller has a diet and nutrition business listed, which includes a fully designed website. There are two listings for pet store businesses. They are the same price but have different designs and layouts. In a similar vein, the seller has listed a selection for custom logo designs and one for content writing services. Overall, one could purchase a few of these listings and have a very well-rounded business, with logo, content, website, and app design.

Regardless of your intended application and industry, we will provide you with a website that is a perfect fit for your business. Let us know what your objectives are, and we will give our expert advice on the best platforms and tools to utilize. We work with a variety of current web technologies, including WordPress, Joomla!, Magento, HTML5, WooCommerce, and PHP, just to name a few. We can integrate any custom web design into the CMS (Content Management System) of your choice.


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