Why You Should Choose Magento for Your Website

Why Choose MagentoResponsible for about 20 percent of the world’s websites, WordPress is often recognized as the best platform for content management. While that’s the case, Magento dominates in the world of ecommerce, boasting a 24.6 percent share of the market. Widely recognized brands like Samsung, Nike, Nestle and Vizio use Magento for their digital storefronts. Like large, established brands, many small and mid-size retailers use a Magento web design for their ecommerce websites.

Reasons to Use a Magento Web Design

With such a large number of retailers using Magento, there are plenty of reasons why you should consider using the platform for your online store. Here are some of the leading reasons you should use Magento:

Open Source

To understand the significance of Magento being Open Source, you need to think back in time to when you had no choice other than to hire a web development company to create a website for your business. When you hired a third-party to design your site, the developer would create your website from the ground up.

If you wanted to switch to another developer down the line, you had to hunt and peck for someone who was willing and able to take over a system someone else developed. And that’s assuming you were still allowed to use the system you paid for.

Thanks to Open Source, many Magento ecommerce developers collaborate on the same project and they make the resulting code available to anyone who wants to use at no cost. The same developers maintain, manage and update the code. Because Magento is somewhat like public property, you can still use your Magento-based website if you decide to switch from one Magento developer to another development company.


Magento is an extremely versatile platform. You can operate multiple websites that each have very specific requirements, such as using different currencies and synchronized inventory tracking, with one install using Magento.

Large Number of Features

Magento has a large number of features that make if fun and easy to operate an ecommerce website. These features make is simple for you to use other tools, such as Google Content APIs. Coupon codes, email template and newsletter management, special offer pricing, customer grouping, multiple shipping methods, and product bundling are just a few of Magento’s many helpful features. If you don’t have access to a feature you want, you can simply add an extension for it.


Considering search engines are constantly changing their algorithms, Magento is about as SEO-friendly as they come. While you may need to make some modifications to keep up with changing algorithms, Magento will get you off to a great start with respectable URLs, meta tag controls, website maps and a user-friendly template structure in the available default themes.

Although many themes are already mobile-friendly, Magento has a wide array of free and paid extensions available for its users. You can use these extensions to further improve your ecommerce store’s SEO friendliness just like you can use them to add desirable features to your ecommerce website.


If you’re like most ecommerce retailers, you’ll want your online business to grow over time. You’ll want to increase the size of your customer base, increase traffic and process an increasingly larger number of orders every day. While those are laudable goals, it’s important to realize that not every system can support growth easily or smoothly.

With Magento, you can grow your ecommerce business and adjust your website as necessary with ease. And you can do so without having to have code rewritten or scheduling hours of costly downtime. That’s because Magento is fully scalable to accommodate even the largest online retailers, including Amazon.


As an ecommerce retailer, you can go quite a while without actually interacting with a person. Especially if you’re just starting out and you’re working from your home. With a Magento web design, you’re part of a large community that includes developers, programmers, bloggers, managers and executives around the world.

While you may not engage these folks in casual conversation, it’s helpful to know that you’re part of a global community. It’s also good to know that other community members will work with you to maintain a safe and quick ecommerce platform.


With Magento, you can do several things at once, saving you valuable time that you can spend on other tasks. Magento has an intuitive, user-friendly admin panel where you can manage things like billing and customer information in one place. Magento is also flexible, allowing you to customize the backend of your website to suit your preferences and improve your efficiency.


Magento is combined with HTML5 so websites using this platform are able to provide pleasant experiences for mobile shoppers. Magento is able to adjust the size of images and the platform supports video with ease across devices.

Easy Integration

When you have a Magento website, you’ll be able to easily integrate your site with a wide range of third-party services. These include payment processors, database applications and shipping providers. In addition, Magento already has built-in Google tools. These tools include Google Analytics and Google Checkout.

High Performance

As the operator of an ecommerce store, you know that consumers don’t like to wait when they’re shopping online. Even the slightest delay can cause shoppers to move on to the next online outlet. With a Magento web design, you don’t need to worry about the performance of your website because Magento excels with both page loading speed and query processing times.


Every Magento web design is PCI compliant. This means that every detail related to your customers is stored in a secure environment. If you experience a security issue with your website, Magento’s own security center can help out.

Conclusion: Contact Sunlight Media for Magento design services

If you need Magento ecommerce developers for your online store, you’ll find the experts you’re looking for at Sunlight Media. We’ve specialized in Magento web design for years and we’ve helped businesses in many industries with their ecommerce sites over the years.

As members of the Magento community, we’ll be happy to create and maintain a Magento-based ecommerce website for you. Contact us to learn more about our Magento web design services now.

Check out our Magento FAQ page for further information.

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