Magento Website Development: The Top 9 tips to improve sales

Color and weight create better content hierarchy than size. Make a prominent phrase bolder and write secondary information with a lighter color. These are just a couple small tips that make content navigation in your Magento store easier for customers. In this article you will find a number of bigger hints.

1. Consider the website loading speed

The speed of your website is one of the most crucial things to pay attention to, as even a couple of seconds’ delay will make your customers change their mind and choose another store. Here are some tips on how to improve your website’s speed:

  • Update your Magento Software Version

Magento store optimization

Image 1. Upgrading Magento.

Updates not only bring new features, they also fix bugs and improve the overall platform. So, if you experience lag while using your website – it’s time for updates. Besides, Magento makes a point of notifying you whenever a new version is available, so it’s unlikely you will miss a new version.

Before updating make sure you have done a complete file and database backup. These simple precautions will help you restore the site in the advent of any mishaps.



  • Don’t forget to clean your Magento logs

magento store tips

Image 2. Log cleaning.


Logs may compose up to 80% of all of your Magento shop data (sometimes even more). Though these notes are useful sometimes, it is better to delete them in order to release the system from overload. In order to do this, go to System > Configurations > Advanced > System > Log Cleaning. Then set the preferences and get rid of unnecessary logs.

  • Reindex data

magento ecommerce

Image 3. Reindexing data.


Indexing is how Magento gets the information from the database and reorganizes it to display in your shop. The data which changes frequently, like prices or discounts, must be reindexed. Otherwise it will take more time to load the page with this information or it may not be shown correctly. 

To reindex, go to “System” and then to “Index Management”. In the “Actions” graph, choose “Reindex data” and then click “Submit”. If you want to reindex one particular object – click “Reindex Data” on its right. After that the whole process will be over.

  • Use a CDN (Content Delivery Network)

magento ecommerce

Image 4. General notion of CDN.


A Content Delivery Network is a group of servers working together and located in different parts of the world. As a system of servers, a CDN gives users faster access to the requested resources. For example, when a website is hosted in Russia and the End User lives in the US, it is better to use a CDN server located in the US rather than to deliver content right from the host. In such a manner, your speed will be several times faster and you will grant quick access to users from the furthest points.

2. Enhance your navigation

Users must always be able to find what they want, spending as little effort as possible. This is an issue of navigation. If a website is well organized, it becomes easier for a customer to find the desired products.

To make navigation easier, understand your customers and their needs. Divide them into groups and determine the easiest way for them to search. For example, we set up two user categories and figured out how to help them find what they want.

  • Customers who are not sure about what to choose. These visitors may have an idea of what they want, but they need help in choosing the exact product. Provide them with filters on price, brand, size, etc. Set “Featured products” and “You may also like” in such a way that you will give your customers a wider range of choices.
magento cms

Image 5. Filters on Ebay.


  • Customers who came for a particular product. They don’t need filters as they know what they want. Make the Search bar easily available with autocomplete. Now if they can’t remember the exact name, the Search’s autocomplete feature will give them a clue. And don’t neglect the site map – some users are sure about the category and just want to buy something from there.
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Image 6. The search bar on Ebay.


These are two basic groups. Still, you can create new categories that fit your product best.

3. Let people write reviews

As 85% of customers trust reviews as if they were personal recommendations, we can’t miss the opportunity to benefit from them. Don’t wait for your customers to leave a review – ask for them directly. Send them a message either via email or on social media. Direct messages are less likely to be ignored, so most people will leave a comment even if they didn’t have an intention to at first. Moreover, some of your visitors may have missed the possibility to leave  feedback and your letter will inspire them to do that. Just don’t overwhelm your visitors with a large number of options while chatting – get to the point and address only reviews.

magento open source

Image 7. A good review.


Testimonials have another advantage. By leaving reviews, users generate unique content, which is extremely useful for your SEO. It will give your website more credibility in the eyes of search engines, subsequently improving your ranking. One way or another reviews will help your store receive more customers.

4. Make social integrations

Social media is the best way not only to gain references, but also to communicate with your audience. This is the easiest way to spread news about your store. Moreover, you can share your customers’ posts about your products. Photos of people using your goods will be a great review for you, so just find your customers’ boasting about their new purchases and repost them. It is profitable for both of you: the author of the post will get feedback and you will receive a happy customer.

magento website

Image 8. An example of good customer support on Twitter.


You shouldn’t spend all day on social media. Just find an hour or two, create a couple of posts on all networks you are registered with, work with the customer, and surf a bit — you may find something interesting for your business.

5. Provide fast and qualified feedback

Feedback doesn’t always mean the answer of technical support. Feedback is also a response to a user’s action on the website. Gmail is a good example of a good approach — they give plain information on almost every action. Moreover, you can immediately undo each action — an important feature for users still learning the platform.

magento store

Image 9. Feedback in Gmail.


Having this kind of feedback allows users to better understand how to interact with your platform. This gives them better control and familiarity with navigating your store.

6. Divide one large task into several smaller tasks

You can implement one of the greatest peculiarities of the human psychology into your store. No one likes big assignments, but if split into smaller tasks with a progress bar and immediate rewards (such as, “Great, now move forward!”), your customers will be more likely to fill out a big registration form or anything else requiring multiple steps. This is the rule of easing and you may apply it to any sphere of your life, not just eCommerce. 

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Image 10. A great and simple registration form.


7. Dealing with abandoned carts

Cart abandonment is a common problem of all store owners, as nearly half of all visitors leave their cart to the mercy of fate due to “unreadiness to buy”. But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t focus on an abandonment reduction strategy, as the other half doesn’t consist of confirmed purchasers either.

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Image 11. Seeing abandoned carts is always sad.

To reduce the number of customers leaving you should understand that abandonment doesn’t mean your potential buyers have lost interest. On the contrary, they wanted to purchase, but met a certain obstacle. Your task now is to restore their intention to purchase and the best way to do this is to send them an email.

Abandoned Cart Emails are one of the simplest and most effective ways to reduce the abandoned cart percentage. Still, writing a good letter may be tricky, so here are some tips that will help you:


  • Write a good Subject Line

The subject is the first thing your recipient sees, so it must be catchy. It should both point out the issue and grab their attention. The best subject lines should invoke emotions and be personal. Consider “Tommy, you’ve left something over here!” or “Your cart was abandoned, please help it”. Don’t be afraid of adding a bit of humor and using the name of the customer — it’s worth it.

  • Show what the user left behind

An image will give a better understanding of what’s at stake, so show your potential customer what he or she will lose if they don’t immediately come back and purchase. The best way here is to create a hero image with the product on it.

Magento store Development

Image 12. The user immediately sees what was left.


  • Call To Action plays a central role

There will be little sense without a smart Call To Action. It must be visible and not hidden in the end of the letter. Put the CTA just under the image and highlight it. Thus your customer will be sure about what to do next.

  • Offer something

Magento Web Development


Remember when we mentioned an obstacle? Now we must try to resolve it for the customer. There are a number of potential obstacles such as high final price or expensive shipping. Show your visitor that you have a free shipping offer (if you do, of course) and explain how he or she can get it. Tell them about your discounts or show the “You might also like” field — maybe the user just couldn’t find the right color.

8. One Step Checkout

There is another way to reduce cart abandonment – One Step Checkout. This is a collective name for many extensions that deal with making the classical Magento checkout process easier. Put simply, these extensions just collect all the checkout steps and transform it into a single page. Moreover, you may also find here some examples of great UX solutions. Just look for the extension that will most perfectly suit your needs.

Magento Optimization

Image 14. An example of One Step Checkout.


9. Up-selling and cross-selling

The more goods users buy from you – the better for your business. In this case, help them with it! Leading marketing experts have found two good techniques for boosting sales:

  • Up-selling

Magento Website Development Los Angeles

Image 15. A quick explanation of Up-selling.

Up-selling is a practice of selling more expensive products via additional items or upgrades. For this you must show that the extended version satisfies the needs of the customer better than the basic one. Try to understand what people want when they look for a particular product and give them a better solution. Just don’t be aggressive and let customers compare goods. Here are some examples:



  • A cashier at a fast food restaurant offers a larger size of fries when you order a small one
  • A website gives you a number of different subscriptions with different prices and advantages
  • An airline company offers a passenger to upgrade their coach class ticket to a business class ticket
  • A game development company produces different editions with varying amounts of added content
  • An online smartphone store shows you a number of other more expensive devices to compare
  • Cross-selling

Magento Website Development

Image 16. A good example of cross-selling.

Apart from up-selling, cross-selling deals with other techniques. It is a practice of selling an additional service or a product with the chosen one. There may be related products that don’t come in one set, such as a camera and a memory card, or just items that may fit together, such as shoes and a shirt in the same style. Providing a customer with an example of how these products work together or offering a discount will increase the chances of a purchase. See some examples of cross-selling below:

  • A cashier at a fast food restaurant offers an additional sauce to an order of fries
  • A salesman at a bike shop suggests to buy a lock with a bicycle
  • A car dealer advises to buy a trailer in addition to a truck
  • A waiter at a restaurant offers desert after the main course

In conclusion

Increasing the convenience of navigating your eCommerce store will increase conversion rate in parallel. Remember that people will not only buy your products when they find what they want easily, they will also likely recommend your store to their friends. Convenience offers many opportunities for you to develop your eCommerce business.

This post was created with help of Magento Extension builder Neklo


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