10 Reasons Why To Choose Magento for Your E-commerce Website

magento-developerWhile there are likely dozens of other e-commerce platforms to choose from, Magento is arguably the most popular e-commerce system available, and for good reason. Built in PHP, Magento is an open-source platform for online retail that has been around since 2008. It has been voted the #1 e-commerce system by the Internet Retailer B2B 300 e-commerce guide and is used by top companies such as Nike, Samsung, Ford and many others. Below are just some of the reasons we highly recommend using Magento for your next e-commerce project.


1. Open Source

Magento is completely open-source, and the standard Community Edition is available totally free of charge. While there are premium extensions available for purchase, the core functionality needed for an ecommerce platform is readily available free of cost.

2. Community Support

Like most other open source projects, Magento has a large development community that is constantly working on maintaining and updating the platform to ensure its security, reliability and speed. Thorough technical documentation and support for Magento is also available directly from their official homepage.

3. Built Specifically For Online Retail

Unlike WordPress (arguably the most popular CMS in the world), Magento was built specifically and solely for e-commerce applications. While it is possible to combine WordPress with another e-commerce platform like WooCommerce, the ability to have all functionality already built-in has the benefits of reliability and compatibility you can count on from an integral system like Magento.

4. Maximum scalability

Regardless of the size of your company, whether it be just a small local business or a multinational corporation, Magento is capable of handling any work load. It is highly scalable, capable of growing with you as your business grows — no wonder it is used by major Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike.

5. Performance

With regard to query processing, page load speed and other performance factors, Magento consistently outperforms other e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, PrestaShop, Zen  Cart and others. While the difference of a few hundred milliseconds in load time may not seem like much, page load times are a  huge factor in making the difference between converting new customers or those site visitors turning to your competitors instead.

6. Flexibility

Largely due to its open-source architecture, Magento is highly flexible and customizable. While the default functionality of the platform is already quite powerful, developers are constantly creating new plugins (or extensions as they are called in the Magento world) to widely spread this functionality.

7. Easy third-party integration

Magento has extensive support for most all third-party services you may need to integrate into your shop, whether it be your favorite payment gateway, shipping company or database applications, it’s likely there is already a way to integrate the service into your Magento webpage.

8. SEO Friendly

Similar to WordPress, Magento is very SEO-friendly. The content management system’s default installation comes already loaded with common SEO functions such as sitemaps, search engine-friendly URLS, meta tags, descriptions and more.

9. Mobile Compatible

Magento is intended to be a fully-responsive and functional application for mobile devices, just as much for regular desktop use. With the ever-increasing prominence of mobile internet use, having an e-commerce platform intended for mobile use is only going to strengthen your chances of converting those mobile visitors.

10. Advanced Inventory Management and Invoicing Features

Built for use by retailers both large and small, the Magento system allows for literally up to 500,000 products, all contained within a single web page. Multiple stores can be managed from a single installation of Magento, and items sold on different domains can all be managed by the same administrative dashboard. The inventory management features of Magento allow for extremely advanced customization.

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  • Damon Moats February 26, 2019 at 11:36 am

    Thanks for sharing this list of reasons to choose Magento, I belief that the biggest reasons to go for Magento is flexibility to take control of interfaces and processing capabilities of the core solutions of ecommerce website., I first read about it on Magenticians and than choose Magento CMS for my website. I am really happy with my choice.

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