The Best 5 WordPress Plugins of 2018

 Best 5 WordPress PluginsDid you know that 28 percent of the world’s websites use WordPress? As WordPress developers, we can also tell you that 60 percent of all websites with a CMS use WordPress.

More than 25 percent of the top 10,000 websites based on traffic use WordPress as well.

In this blog post, we’ll review some of the Best 5 WordPress Plugins of 2018

Why is WordPress such a popular platform for websites around the world? There are many reasons why WordPress is a trusted go-to platform for websites across industries. And one of them is the wide variety of plugins that are available for the websites that use WordPress.

What Is a WordPress Plugin?

If you’re not a web developer, you may not be familiar with what a WordPress plugin is. A plugin is a tool that adds, increases and enhances the functionality of a website. WordPress plugins are simply tailored for the WordPress platform.

There are currently more than 47,000 plugins available for WordPress websites. More and more plugins are being added to the WP repository all the time. No matter what features you want to add to your website, there’s almost certainly an existing plugin for it.
Going through the WordPress plugin repository, you’ll likely come across multiple plugins for the same feature or function. The key is to find the plugin that’s best for your website given your site’s unique circumstances.

WordPress plugins can be put into three broad-based categories that are based on cost. Here are the three price categories that all WP plugins land in:

    • Free WordPress Plugins: As the name of this category suggests, there is no cost to install and use free WordPress plugins.
    • Premium WP Plugins: Premium plugins require you to pay for them.
    • Freemium WordPress Plugins: “Freemium” isn’t just fun to say, it’s also the best way to label the most common kinds of WP plugins you’ll find in the WP repository. These plugins are free to start, but they offer an option to pay for a premium version that typically comes with more advanced features.

Sought-After WordPress Plugins for Every Website

As you’d expect, the particular WordPress plugins you’ll use for your website will be determined by various factors, such as your industry, the kind of website you have and the user experience you expect your site to provide, among others. While that’s the case, there are still certain kinds of plugins that every website should at least consider having regardless of any of those factors. Plugins to improve page load times, increase security and improve SEO are just some of the types of plugins that have universal appeal to website owners. Below are some of the best WordPress plugins for your site.


If you run a website for business purposes, it’s essential that you give people a way to contact you when they want to do so. WPForms is a plugin that makes it simple for you to create a contact form simply by dragging and dropping the things you want your contact form to have.

A contact form isn’t the only thing you can make with WPForms. Here are just a few of the other digital forms you can make with this handy plugin:

  • Email subscription forms
  • Order forms
  • Payment forms

If you want to make basic forms, the WPForms Lite plugin will probably suit your purposes. If you want access to more advanced features, the WPForms Pro version will be for you.


Do you want to convert people who are about to abandon your website into email subscribers? If so, OptinMonster is a must-have WordPress plugin. If you want to lengthen your list of email subscribers, OptinMonster is one of the most effective WP plugins around. With more than 700,000 websites using this plugin, there are plenty of case studies that demonstrate how game-changing OptinMonster can be.

Constant Contact

If you do any email marketing, you’re probably familiar with Constant Contact. In addition to offering email marketing services, Constant Contact offers a plugin for WordPress users. The Constant Contact WP plugin enables you to build email lists and send emails to all of your subscribers with ease.

The Constant Contact plugin is easy to install and it’s just as simple to use, even if you’re just starting out. The plugin has an array of tools you can use to create email subscription forms. The Constant Contact plugin is also compatible with lead generation plugins, including OptinMonster.


Security is an ongoing concern for everyone who operates a website. Luckily, WordPress plugins like Sucuri can help keep your site secure. The Sucuri plugin offers a firewall that can guard your site against just about every kind of cyber-attack, including DDoS, malware threats and XSS and brute force attacks.


While protecting your website from cyber-threats is absolutely necessary these days, it’s not the only thing you need to do to protect your site. You also need to guard against the loss of your business and customer information in the event you experience a technical failure or your site experiences a security breach. You can protect this essential data by using a plugin to backup your WordPress website.

BackupBuddy is widely recognized as one of the most reliable backup plugins available to WP users. BackupBuddy isn’t just dependable, it’s also incredibly easy to use when you have to restore your website. In fact, BackupBuddy will make it possible for you to fully restore your site in just a handful of clicks.

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