2018 Web Design Trends

Web Design TrendsYou don’t have to run a professional web design company to see that web design is changing. You just have to jump online for a few minutes and click on various websites to see that some new trends are already becoming apparent in website design.

While some trends like, perhaps, maximalism, may be more fleeting than others, some trends seem like they’re here to stay. One such trend is the use of responsive web design. With Google shifting to mobile-first search, it is vital for you to adopt a responsive web design as quickly as possible if you haven’t already.

Responsive web design is what enables your website’s pages to look great no matter what kind of device a viewer is using to look at them. This kind of design basically involves using HTML and CSS to resize or move content so that your webpages look wonderful regardless of the size of the screen someone is using to view the content.

Like responsive web design, responsive imagery seems to have plenty of staying power. A responsive image like a logo is one that scales to fit in any size browser. While you can set your code so that your website’s images can get bigger than their original size, it’s generally advisable to make it so that your images can scale down, but never get larger than their original size.

Additional Web Design Trends That Have Staying Power

Responsive web design and imagery aren’t the only two 2018 web design trends that appear to have staying power. Here are some additional web design trends that may be around for quite a while:

Drop Shadows and Depth

Amateur web designers and professional web design companies have been using shadows in their web designs for years. With web browsers continuing to evolve, we’re now seeing some really creative variations that wouldn’t have worked in years past.

Grids and parallax layouts are allowing designers to use shadows to create depth and give the impression that there’s a whole world that sits just beyond a user’s screen. This is something that’s in direct contrast to the flat web designs we’ve seen in recent years.

Playing with shadows can create a versatile look that does more than increase the attractiveness of your webpages. It can also improve your site’s user experience because shadows can put emphasis on certain things you don’t want your visitors to miss.

Vibrant Colors

2018 is the year where you’ll start to see an excess of vibrant colors on both new and existing websites. A web designer’s color palette used to be limited to colors that were deemed to be “web-safe.” Thanks to improvements in monitors and devices, designers now have the full spectrum of colors at their disposal.

New companies can use vibrant and possibly clashing colors on their websites to attract the attention of consumers online. Established organizations can do the same thing to distinguish themselves from their more traditional, play-it-safe competitors.

Particle Backgrounds

Rumor has it that a picture says a thousand words, so how many more would a moving picture convey? You can find out by capitalizing on the current trend of using particle backgrounds on websites. Particle backgrounds are made with Javascript that enables movement as part of the background. And the great thing is, it doesn’t take very long to load!

Particle backgrounds are effective at grabbing a viewer’s attention quickly, which makes them effective at making a positive impression in mere seconds. As an added benefit, motion graphics like particle backgrounds are becoming increasingly popular on social media platforms where they can serve as wonderful portals that lead directly to your website.

Custom Illustrations

Illustrations are a wonderful way to make your brand seem more light-hearted and inviting. Using custom illustrations in web design is a trend that’s adding a ton of frivolity to many brands’ websites. No matter what kind of identity your brand has, you can have a custom illustration made to match your company’s personality.

Bold Typography

Have you heard the expression “go big or go home?” Well, there’s no reason for you to go home because using big, bold typography is definitely a trend you’ll see throughout 2018 and beyond. Typography continues to be a powerful tool that can do two things at once. It can evoke emotions and relay information simultaneously, which makes typography an important design element.

With screen resolutions improving so much in recent years, you’ll see a greater number of big, custom fonts on websites across industries. Many browsers can even support handmade fonts as long as they’re enabled by CSS, with Yahoo being a notable exception in this regard. Using large letters and contrasting serif headings can make attention-grabbing parallels. It also improves your site’s user experience and retains your visitors’ attention longer.

Broken Grid Layouts

In 2017, web developers welcomed the introduction of broken grid layouts in web design. The use of broken grid layouts is a trend that will remain strong in 2018. Broken grid layouts produce web pages that are asymmetrical and intriguing. While broken grid layouts may not be practical for established brands that have a lot of content on their websites, newer brands may use this kind of layout to make their sites stand out.

Dynamic Gradients

With flat design being so pervasive in recent years, dynamic gradients have not been around much. Now, they’re back and gaining in popularity quickly. One way that you can use a dynamic gradient is to put a filter over a photo that would lack interest without it. You can also use a basic gradient background for web pages where you’re not using imagery.

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