Whats the best SEO friendly CMS?

seo-cmsThere is no doubt that the best content management system for search engineer specialists is WordPress. The WordPress CMS has it all–a simple administrative interface, thousands of themes, and even more plugins! With WordPress, even someone new to SEO can make an enormous impact on search rankings, all for free. That’s right, it costs absolutely nothing to download, install, and use the WordPress CMS, as it’s completely open source. Aside from the core WordPress package, a vast majority of the available plugins and themes are free as well, made by talented programmers and designers from all parts of the globe. With many of these add-ons being geared toward SEO, it is undeniable that WordPress is the best SEO CMS on the block.

The first major component of a WordPress website is, of course, the theme. The theme is what really makes the website. It completely controls how the user navigates the site, how likely they are to convert from a shopper into a buyer, and the overall “feel” that people have about websites. Some professionals call this the “X-Factor”. There are dozens of high-quality free and premium themes which all have one goal in mind: to make the user click where the webmaster wants them to click. Webmasters who are trying to make money can see the obvious value in getting a potential customer to click on that big, flashy “Buy It Now!” button.

WordPress CMS

Of course, before a webmaster worries about how to get a potential buyer to click at their will, he or she must first be concerned with how to get those eyed to their website in the first place. This is where SEO comes in, and more specifically, the SEO plugins. For most websites, a vast majority of traffic comes from search engines, and ranking high in search engines generally isn’t easy. Many webmasters have to spend months on end trying to get their websites optimized for search engines, but the WordPress CMS has plenty of plugins to completely automate the process! Within minutes, a webmaster without the time or skills required for SEO can compete with SEO professionals! All the webmaster must do to add all of this value to their website is simply find an SEO plugin from the WordPress website, install it to their website, press a few buttons to configure it, and they can rank number one for just about any search they choose! It couldn’t be easier. This deadly combination of SEO themes and plugins is why WordPress is far and beyond the best SEO CMS in the game.

All in all, the WordPress CMS is the only way to go for the webmaster that wants to rank well in high-traffic search engine results. With its open source core, free themes, and free plugins, webmasters have no excuse to continue using a no-name, off-brand, generic CMS. WordPress is easy to install, easy to rank with, easy to use, and doesn’t cost a dime. There is no doubt that the competition is going to try to gain every edge possible, so the webmaster who wants the best SEO CMS has only one option if he or she wants to succeed: to use the WordPress CMS.

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