The top 10 best website template sites

The top 10 best website template sitesIn this day and age, it’s increasingly important for every business to have a website. It can be expensive, however, to hire someone to create a visually appealing and accessible website from scratch. For that reason, many people decide to use website templates — essentially, designs that other people have made into which you can post your own content. Here are the top ten places to look for website templates available online.

The templates here are of professional quality and are not too expensive as well. A good first place to search. Just make sure to be careful before using their flash templates — iPhones and iPads will not be able to visit your site, even if it looks really cool!

This one has one major benefit over TemplateMonster: it’s absolutely, 100% free. The templates here are of varying quality, but the quantity is high and there are several gems. Just browse through and find one that catches your eye.

3. has a mix of free website templates and cheap ones — of course, the ones you pay for will be higher quality. The prices are not high, so definitely consider shelling out the bucks.

These designs are superb, and they won’t cost you much more than $40 or so dollars. They advertise that their templates are easy-to-use even for complete beginners, but high-quality enough for experienced designers to take advantage of. Check them out!

This is a lesser-known gem of a website with advanced search features. Its motto is “every website can be beautiful,” and with the templates it provides, yours can too! Paid, but not too expensive.

With over six thousand templates to choose from, this is a great place to go for pre-designed templates. If you have a lot of sites to design, consider becoming a member, and getting access to unlimited numbers of templates.

Very cheap and good-looking templates are available here, but again, be wary of Flash-based website designs because iDevices like iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad, which consumers increasingly use to browse the web, are unable to view them.

If you do decide to go with a Flash-based website design, despite the fact you’ll be alienating iPhone users, you might as well get your templates here — they sure are beautiful!

For all you Dreamweaver users out there, this is the place for you. Because these templates can be edited in the versatile Dreamweaver software, you will have excellent control over exactly what your users see. Unlike on the other listed template repositories here, these templates are customizable if you don’t like certain details. Prices are quite low, starting at $30.

Check out their CSS templates to avoid the quickly-going-out-of-style Flash templates the website uses. If you do, you’ll find unique and inspiring designs that you can use for your new website!
That’s all for now. With these resources, you should be well on your way to a beautiful, easy-to-create website.

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