WDACS L.A County

L.A County hired Sunlight Media to design and develop the new WDACS L.A County website. The county’s main objective with this project was to refresh its departmental website with updated content, improved website design and user flow and search optimization to enhance communication of its services to L.A. County residents and target audience.

Workforce Development, Aging and Community Services (WDACS) administers an array of Federal, State and County programs to the residents of Los Angeles County. Their mission is to connect communities and improve the lives of all generations in Los Angeles County. They achieve their mission through effective, partnership-driven services and initiatives that:

a). connect individuals to careers and employers to a skilled workforce;

b) ensure the well-being of older and dependent adults in the community; and

c) drive community engagement and improve human relations in our diverse County.

To learn more visit: https://wdacs.lacounty.gov/

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