Did you just launch a new website? The ultimate guide on what to do next.


You don’t need to be a web developer or in the business to know that the Internet consists of a whole lot of websites.

In fact, there are more than 1.5 billion websites on the Internet these days. This is a huge increase from the single website the world wide web hosted way back in 1991. 

The Internet first achieved the mark of one billion websites in October, 2014. It’s true that the number of sites on the Internet dropped below that figure in the months that followed. However, the Internet was home to more than one billion websites in March, 2016. The numbers have remained there ever since.

While there are plenty of websites operating on the Internet, about 75 percent of them are inactive. Although that’s the case, it still means millions of sites battle it out for the attention of viewers every day.

If you’re going to launch a new website or introduce a new web design, it’s important to make sure your website stands out from the pack. How can you do that successfully? By following some best practices after you launch your website, of course.

Anticipate Problems

It really doesn’t matter how well you prepare to launch a new website. The odds are that some problems will occur when your website goes live, regardless of how much testing you do. The key is to anticipate the problems that might occur and to have a team in place to fix them as soon as possible.

Here are some common problems you may have to contend with when you launch your website:

  • Broken Links and Images: When you’re building your website, you’ll likely use a staging/temporary URL during development. These URLs should be that should update when your website goes live. If those addresses don’t update when you launch your site, you’ll need to update them after the fact.
  • Your Site Can’t Be Crawled: You want search engine’s to crawl your website once it’s launched so it will appear in search results. If search engines can’t crawl your site, you may need to update your robots.txt file after you launch it.
  • You Have Duplicate Content: Whether you have content duplicated from another site or even your own, it’s vital to remove or rework it after launching your website. If you leave redundant material in place, it will negatively influence where your site lands in search engine results.
  • Your Site Displays a Favicon: A favicon is an icon that represents the theme used to create your website. If your site is displaying a favicon, replace it with your brand’s logo.
  • Slow Load Speed: Load speed is a crucial element of user experience. If your web pages have a slow load speed, use Google’s PageSpeed Insights to get some ideas about how you can improve their load time.

Manage Negative Feedback

While you may love your new website – you paid for it, after all – other people might have different opinions. Your visitors are doing you a favor when they express their opinion about your site. Even negative feedback is invaluable.

If people express a negative opinion about your new site, treat them as if they were unhappy clients. Ask them about the specific things they’re unhappy with and engage them with enthusiasm. Offer to take them on a virtual tour of your website so you can show them all of its new features. Explain why you launched a new website and how it will benefit your clients moving forward. Above all, thank your site’s critics for taking the time to share their thoughts with you.

Fill in Your Image Alt Tags

If you’ve launched your website without filling in your image alt tags, you need to fill them in as soon as possible. Image alt tags can help with your SEO if they’re filled in and accurately reflect a webpage’s content. Alt tags are also helpful to people with a visual disability and use screen readers to consume content on the Internet. You want your content to be accessible to all.

Track Your Site’s Performance

Whether you’re launching your company’s first-ever website or you’ve created one to replace your former website, it’s vital to track its performance. If you didn’t do it pre-launch, now is the time for you to identify the key performance indicators you want to track. You can do so using an analytics platform like Google Analytics.

Tell People about Your New Website

Even if you’re fortunate to have a dedicated base of customers, people won’t know you’ve launched a new website unless they happen to find it or you tell them. There’s no reason for you to hope people find your website when you can let them know about your site through various means.

Here are some of the ways you can inform people about your new website:

  • Send out a press release to relevant news outlets
  • Promote your new website on your social media pages
  • Publish a blog post about your new website that highlights all of its great features
  • Share news about your new site in an email sent to all of your email subscribers
  • Create a contest that will motivate people to visit and explore your new website and promote the event across your digital channels

Work With an LA Web Designer

Whether you’re planning to have a new website developed or you recently launched a site that’s riddled with problems, we can help. We offer a full line of website development and web design services.

As experts in the field, specialize in making websites that resonate with visitors across industries. If you want a new website or you’re interested in redesigning your current site, we’ll be happy to handle it for you.

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