Some of the best new features in iOS 11

Some of the best new features in iOS 11

iOS 11 was released late last month, and this update brings a large assortment of new features and improvements since previous iOS versions. Available across all iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices, this blog post will highlight some of the coolest new features of this update.

New Dark Mode Option

To cut down on all the dominant whitespace of the UI, there is now a new “Dark Mode” option that will turn the background of all major native applications black. You can find this by going to “Display Accomodations”, and enable “Smart Invert”.

Easily Share WiFi Passwords

You can now easily share your WiFI passwords with friends, provided both users are using iOS 11. No more having to type out or verbally tell other people your WiFi passwords.

The Control Center

The Control Center has seen an entirely new revamping of its layout and design, with it now being a single page again (compared to the two-pages used in iOS 10). You can also now customize which items appear here.

Screen Recording

There is now a built-in feature to allow screen recording on your device. This is great for app tutorials or sharing videos you may not want to send the full file of.

One-Handed Keyboard

Apple has significantly re-designed the keyboard layout, making everything easily accessible from a single hand. With the rise of users turning to third-party keyboard apps with this feature, redesigning the keyboard here conforms to how most users are preferring to type on their device.

New Screen Effects for iMessages

Previously able to send messages with the “Balloons” or “Confetti” effect, there are now new effects such as Echo and Spotlight.

New File Manager App

Initially intended for the iPad, Apples new File Manager is available across all iOS devices. This feature makes it easy to manage all of your files, whether they be on Google Drive, Dropbox or iCloud.

QR Code Scanning

QR Code Scanning is now possible directly from the native Camera app. These are often used to share special links, contact info, or even to join a WiFi network.

Camera Improvement

There are numerous improvements to the camera. Portrait Mode now works with HDR, Flash and OIS settings. There are also new formats available for saving images and videos, such as various new compression formats, as well as new video settings.

GIF support

Previously when you would save a .gif file to an iOS device, it would simply save it as a still image. You can now save .gif files directly to iOS device, and there will an animated preview of them directly in the Photos app.

Additionally, “Live Photos” with the Loop or Bounce effect can now be converted into .gif files, to send anywhere where Live Photos might not be supported.

Photo Album Drag And Drop

New photos can now be dragged and dropped between albums, no longer having to select specific images and find the folder to put them in.

Mall & Airport Maps

Apple Maps now has built-in floor plans for many popular malls and airports. The support for this is continually growing, and will likely support many more locations in the weeks to come.


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