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TEKZENMUSIC, INC. is the entertainment company of Grammy award-winning sound engineer and music producer Chris “TEK” O’Ryan.

As an accomplished sound engineer, TEK is able to scientifically capture a vocal with the proper tools. A “mix-fix” approach is not appropriate when striving for a high level of creative quality. Understanding the perfect combination of mics, pre-amps and compressors for each individual singer and their genre is critical in obtaining the perfect vocal mix for each performance.

This is the second project between Sunlight Media and TEK, having worked on TEK’s first website back in 2012. When it was time to update the site with a more modern, stylistic and mobile friendly website, TEK reached out to discuss some options.

The final result is a customized WordPress template.

Learn more @ www.TekZenMusic.com

Web Design for Sound Engineers

Sunlight Media has played an active role in the online music space, having design & developed websites for numerous recording artists, sound engineers, recording studios, producers and record companies.

Here is a small selection of the projects we have worked on in the past.



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Angelo completed formal training with the CIW (Certified Internet Webmasters) program in Sydney Australia, learning the core fundamentals of computer networking and how it relates to the infrastructure of the world wide web.

Apart from running Sunlight Media, Angelo enjoys writing informative content related to web & app development, digital marketing and other tech related topics.

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