keep your wordpress site secure

WordPress Security: Protect your WordPress site

In the digital age, securing your online presence is more important than ever. If you’re running a WordPress site, you’re in the right place. This comprehensive guide is designed to help you understand and implement effective WordPress security measures. From navigating the WordPress dashboard to choosing the right hosting provider, we’ve got you covered. We’ll […]

Using Surge for deploying static sites

Using Surge for deploying static sites: A Comprehensive Guide

In deploying Static Websites, web app developers always search for the newest and most efficient tools to improve their websites. Generally speaking, a Static Site Generator (SSG) improvises with hand-coded operations and a complete CMS. This setup is perfect for most websites or web application projects, not server-side processed. Due to the trend, developers are […]

Drupal CMS

The Drupal CMS: 2022 Update

PHP, an open ended scripting source, has been one of the most ubiquitous scripting languages available since its first introduction. Part of that ubiquity is due to the popularity of many of the frameworks or content management systems built on it. To name one well-known example, WordPress is built in PHP. This makes it an […]