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Using TextExpander To Increase Your Productivity

Using TextExpander To Increase Your Productivity (2022 Update)

Regardless of what type of work you do on a computer or mobile device, there are tons of repetitive tasks that simply go unnoticed. Whether you are writing emails, writing code, or even entering login information, there is a way to cut down on these tedious inputs. Ultimately, this simple method can save tons of […]

How Technology Promotes Productivity

How Technology Promotes Productivity (2021 Update)

As an individual who grew up mostly in the digital world, technology has been a positive influence on my life. I am a current senior at Viterbo University, and technology has been integral in my academics since middle school when our district first introduced school-affiliated laptops. It is an extreme privilege to have the experience […]

The Best 12 Apps for Time Management

The Best 12 Apps for Time Management

 What is Time Management? “Time Management” is all about successfully organizing and managing your time between specific tasks. On a limited schedule, having good time management skills enables more efficient workflows. Most of the time, entrepreneurs that manage their time effectively show more success due to their higher productivity.   Best Time Management Apps Presently, […]