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When it comes to choosing a platform for your website, you have plenty of options to choose from. WordPress is a popular option for businesses of all sizes in just about every industry, including Disney.

While that’s the case, it’s important for you to know which web design company you should use for your WordPress website.

Websites greatly enhance business operations, increase branding, and enables more site visitors to obtain useful information, products, and services. In particular, WordPress is a website platform that enables enterprises, developers, and entrepreneurs to generate more sales, increase web traffic, and expand connectivity to other sites easily and effectively.

Regardless of enterprise size, it is important to understand WordPress web design, the many applications of content management systems, and the benefits of seeking a WordPress developer assistance to improve business operations.

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    Our best WordPress web design work  for 2020.

    At Sunlight Media, we work with small and mid-size businesses in a wide variety of industries to create stunning websites that drive traffic & convert sales. We also offer WordPress support services which include monthly back-ups, updates & security checks. Our WordPress development team is happy to help carry out the initial phases and correct minor hindrances during the initial design & development process.

    Regardless of the scale of the website, Sunlight Media invites users to reach out to our WordPress development experts for a free no obligation quote & proposal.

    Here are our most recent custom WordPress projects;


    Details about WordPress

    In general, individuals, freelancers, and businesses use WordPress to create open-source websites. Through efficient web design, developers properly coordinate web pages, social media, and other web applications to better promote business. Internally, the WordPress platform offers general personalization options and tools for WordPress users.

    These tools and extensions within WordPress sites refer to as plugins that enable web developers to create quality and creative web design. However, optimizing sites to rank higher on Google and enhance the user experience for web traffic relies on the assistance of a WordPress developer and a digital marketing expert.

    Find a WordPress Designer Near You

    wordpress help WordPress developers consist of numerous skillsets working with programming languages, front-end, and back-end interfaces, web development, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). As a local web development and WordPress support company in Los Angeles, Sunlight Media values close collaboration with clients to ensure quality web design services with effective SEO optimization.

    In some instances, Sunlight Media can assist clients with editing WordPress sites with other programming languages, such as,  PHP, CSS, HTML, MySql, Git, rest API, Javascript, and jQuery. Also, the company’s WordPress developer provides services for theme development, plugin development, and front-end development.

    These services from front-end developers offer WordPress users the opportunity to implement applications that provide more benefit to websites than settling with less optimal WordPress plugins, WordPress themes, and WordPress plugins.

    We are WordPress Experts

    In regards to optimizing websites, WordPress users benefit from configuring content and media around Google search engines. To elaborate, WordPress development strategies optimize WordPress sites to better integrate eCommerce sites like Woocommerce, integrate google friendly logos, and better connect social media accounts, like LinkedIn.

    WordPress.org vs WordPress.com

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    There are two distinct versions of WordPress on the Internet. Normally, WordPress.org offers WordPress users web platforms for businesses and developer use. To elaborate, WordPress.org is a free program with open-source extensions. For this reason, this program typically refers to self-hosted WordPress.

    To use WordPress.org, administrators use the domain name and web hosting information to begin the WordPress development process. When using WordPress.org, users opt into secure and efficient WordPress web design platforms for improving business performance.

    Here’s a great article outlining the top 10 reasons to use WordPress.org.

    Benefits of Using WordPress

    WordPress web design on WordPress.org is optimal for most enterprises. Sunlight Media recommends the system for new and existing users to create websites. For both WordPress.org and WordPress.com, using a simple and effective WordPress design can provide many benefits for users to promote business, generate more traffic, and optimize sites to better compete with other web and mobile applications.

    Here are some of the benefits that often accompany having a website on WordPress:

    • You Retain Control

      When you set up a website on WordPress, you’ll retain complete control over your website at all times. This gives you the freedom to customize your site as much as you’d like. Your WordPress design is yours and yours alone as is all the content you put on your website. As we mentioned earlier, your website will not be “turned off” for any reason unless you are using it to engage in illegal activity.

    • WordPress Developer: Ease of Use

      A web design using WordPress is very intuitive. The worldwide WordPress community is huge, which means help is always available if you run into a problem. Issues related to WordPress are also very easy to research online.

    • WordPress Support: Plugins and Apps

      You can add a wide array of plugins and apps to a WordPress website. Free, paid and custom plugins and apps are all compatible with the platform and they can be integrated seamlessly.

    • Themes

      WordPress has an extremely generous number of free and paid themes that you can use for your website. You can modify themes or you can have a custom theme created for your site.

    • Ad Revenue

      Running ads on WordPress means, you won’t have to share the revenue they generate with anyone as you might on another platform.

    • Google Analytics

      You can use analytical tools like Google Analytics to analyze data related to your website and track key performance indicators.

    • Online Stores

      While many people think of content only when they think of WordPress designs, you can set up an eCommerce website on the platform. You can sell digital or tangible goods and services via the WooCommerce plugin.

      It also allows you to process credit and debit card payments. You can also initiate payments through other sources such as digital wallets. You can monitor sales, inventory and print shipping labels directly from your WordPress website dashboard as well.

    • Membership Websites

      WordPress can even accommodate membership websites with ease. You can sell premium memberships that grant access to protected content or specialized courses on WordPress, for example. You can also create a members-only community based on your website if you wanted to do so.

    While WordPress users have access to various WordPress applications for improving their sites, the additional WordPress support from a WordPress developer ensures that sites maintain a strong online presence. Organizations like Sunlight Media guide WordPress users in making better decisions for “live” sites and keeping content management systems up-to-date.

    Furthermore, Sunlight Media is a large WordPress support advocate for distributing content and sites to appropriate backup locations. From experience working with new users to large corporations in Los Angeles & New York (NYC), the WordPress experts at Sunlight Media guide users in selecting backup plugins that work best with specific WordPress themes.

    WordPress Hosting

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    it’s very limited. When you buy one of the fee-based plans, you’ll have access to more features and more control over certain aspects of your website. The WordPress.com platform can delete your site if it’s determined that you’ve violated the terms of service in any way. We highly recommend a self-hosted solution such as WP Engine. This option allows you more flexibility when it comes to features, functions, and design.



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