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For most eCommerce websites, users rely on Magento developers to optimize e-commerce stores. More specifically, the open-source Magento platform includes various applications to promote more business to mobile and web applications. To better optimize the Magento eCommerce sites, Magento experts design and personalize websites and social media apps to generate more business for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and enterprises.

Fortunately, a Magento development company supports users with the Magento development process. The Magento development company consists of web developers, Magento certified developers, front end developers, and full-time back end developers that are available locally in Los Angeles, California, for new and existing users.

A Magento developer redirects users to operating smarter applications for eCommerce sites and works closely with clients to incorporate client ideas into functional online businesses.

Here are a few samples of our Magento design & development work.


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    Sunlight Media also understands the importance of SEO Optimization for web and mobile platforms and invites eCommerce businesses to learn more about the benefits of Magento 2 development services and search engine optimization. For more technical support, developers with Magento certifications offer users more opportunities to configure eCommerce sites to meet more complex business objectives.

    Why Choose the Magento Platform?

    The Magento Zend Framework operates using the PHP programming language. Typically, the program increases functionality and compatibility with alternative mobile and web applications from support from PHP developers and software developers. With assistance from the project managers, Magento development projects assist users in customizing Magento themes. This Magento development strategy enhances brand image and attracts more visitors to the Magento store. Also, the strategy increases products in online shopping carts. Regardless of the application software, senior Magento developers offer years of experience to develop Magento enterprises to work well with website plugins, adobe sites, and other services with different programming languages. With developer collaboration, Magento platforms integrate with other programming languages like javascript, MySQL, HTML, and CSS to reach larger target audiences.

    Locating a developer to support local businesses with an eCommerce website is sometimes a complicated matter. Software and eCommerce development companies like Sunlight Media LLC value collaboration with clients to develop quality Magento e-commerce websites.

    You Retain Full Control Over the Front and Back Ends of Your Website

    Unlike some other platforms, Magento enables you to retain complete control over the front and back ends of your website. This retained control allows you to fully customize your website so that it matches your vision exactly.

    The Magento Community

    Users of the Magento website interact with helpful, knowledgeable online communities to better understand eCommerce sites. With a supportive community, Magento’s easy to operate platform supports new and existing web developers with site performance.

    Is Magento Scalable?

    Magento is highly scalable, meaning it will be able to support more volumes of data, services, and design as the business grows. Regardless if websites are from large enterprises in Los Angeles or New York, or for individual freelancers and entrepreneurs, the Magento platform is an adaptable software.

    Magento the Open Source Solution.

    magento developer los angelesThe best open-source eCommerce platform available today is, without a doubt, Magento. This means that developers and eCommerce website owners and operators have full access to the source code. This access provides tremendous flexibility because developers with the appropriate skill set can manipulate code so their site functions and looks exactly the way they want.

    Magento Developer: Magento 2 in 2020

    Apart from other platforms, Magento 1  and Magento 2 offers distinct advantages over alternatives in the market. Magento 1 users notice that Magento 2 integrates a more user-friendly administrative panel. In detail, the admin panel in Magento 2 is a customizable application that provides more professional eCommerce sites. This gives users the ability to position important information in locations where you can access it quickly and easily.

    To further explain, the new admin panel in Magento 2 features touch-friendly applications. In simpler terms, this feature enables users with operating the Magento panel with tablets. In regards to typography, the panel’s menu items and buttons are evenly spaced throughout the platform.

    On the front end, Magento 2 improves the customer checkout process. To make checking out more straightforward for your customers, specific steps have been removed from the process. As a result, customers no longer have to choose the type of credit card they are using in Magento 2.

    Here are some of the additional features you’ll love about Magento 2:

    • Only one user can be logged in per username.
    • Streamlined product and attribute creation and configuration.
    • Responsive administration.
    • Administrative data grids you can customize to suit your preferences and needs.
    • Full-page caching that’s built into the platform.
    • A new & improved Magento Marketplace.


    Whether you set up your eCommerce site on Magento 1 or Magento 2, there are numerous extensions and plugins available. More specifically, extensions are basically snippets of code that improve website performance. These extensions integrate into the website’s backend design to improve functionality to sites. In contrast to other mobile and web sites, Magento tends to have more free than fee-based options for users.

    Many eCommerce website owners and operators are drawn to extensions like “one-page checkout.” A lot of users implement extensions that enable displays that better promote products. There are various layouts and designs to organize content on grids and list forms.

    Industry Leaders That Use Magento Web Designs

    Magento provides users with access to a large selection of helpful, intuitive extensions to better promote eCommerce sites. Presently, well-known brands and enterprises use Magento for improving business productivity. Examples include:

    • Ford Motor Company.
    • Nike.
    • Proctor & Gamble.
    • 3M Co.
    • Cisco Systems, Inc.
    • Honeywell International, Inc.

    Our Magento Web Design Services

    Magento developerMagento’s simple and efficient platform design works well for multiple international, national, and regional industries to generate more business. The Los Angeles Magento development experts at Sunlight Media welcome freelancers, entrepreneurs, and enterprises to apply Magento into business operations to improve brand and upscale business. The organization has provided Magento support for market leaders in eCommerce such as  Hi Street, Ecity Direct, and Wizard Sports.

    Magento Developer Los Angeles

    As a Magento developer in Los Angeles, Sunlight Media’s web site designs for business innovates strategies to best promote eCommerce websites. With computer programming, search engine optimization, and application development, the organization works closely with clients to provide simple and effective solutions for eCommerce sites regardless of enterprise size.

    Contact Sunlight Media to learn more about our Magento services. Let us create the perfect website for your new online store. You may also want to read our Magento FAQ page to learn more about the worlds most powerful ecommerce CMS.