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Magento DeveloperAre you seeking a Magento developer in Los Angeles? If you are, you need to invest time in choosing the best developer for your project. If you make the wrong decision it can have a direct impact on your sales, traffic and even your site’s ability to survive.

As you research the different platforms that support ecommerce websites, you’ll probably hear a lot about Magento. Once you’re familiar with Magento web design, you’ll quickly understand why Magento is such a popular choice among e-commerce operators who sell a wide array of products and services.

Why Choose Magento Web Design

Why is Magento website development the way to go for so many e-commerce operators? For one, the platform is affordable to use. It’s also customizable and highly effective. If those reasons aren’t enough to convince you that Magento is the right choice for your website, you’re in luck because there are plenty of others that will.

You Retain Full Control Over the Front and Back Ends of Your Website

Unlike some other platforms, Magento enables you to retain complete control over the front and back ends of your website. This retained control allows you to fully customize your website so that it matches your vision exactly.

You Join a Knowledgeable Community

When you use Magento for your website, you become a member of a helpful, knowledgeable community. Why you might not think much of that, you’ll appreciate it if you encounter a problem with your website. The Magento community is so vast that it’s likely someone else will have already experienced the same problem and found a way to resolve it. With a supportive community helping you overcome problems, you can save a lot of time and money when you’re developing a website on Magento.

Is Magento Scalable?

Yes Indeed! Magento is highly scalable, meaning it will be able to support more volume as your business grows, even if your business grows quickly or suddenly. This is a platform that’s suitbale for small and large businesses, as well as organizations of every size between those extremes.

Magento the Open Source Solution.

The best open-source ecommerce platform available today is without a doubt Magento. This means that developers and ecommerce website owners and operators have access to the source code when they’re developing a website on the platform. This access provides tremendous flexibility because people with the appropriate skill set can change their website’s code so their site functions and looks just like they want it to.

Magento Developer: Magento 2 in 2018

While Magento 1 clearly has some distinct benefits that make it stand apart from other available platforms, Magento 2 offers all of the same advantages and it has even more features you’re sure to love. If you’re familiar with Magento 1, the first thing you’ll notice about Magento 2 is a new, user-friendly administrative panel.

The admin panel in Magento 2 is customizable. This gives you the ability to position important information in locations where you can access it quickly and easily.

The new admin panel in Magento 2 is touch-friendly. This means you can use the panel using a tablet. The panel’s menu and buttons are spread out so you can be sure you’re actually clicking what you want to click with your fingers instead of worrying about clicking the wrong button or multiple buttons at once.

On the front end, the first thing you’ll probably notice is the improved checkout that Magento 2 has. To make checking out easier for your customers, certain steps have been removed from the process. Customers no longer have to choose the type of credit card they’re using in Magento 2, for example.

Here are some of the additional features you’ll love about Magento 2:

  • Only one user can be logged in per username
  • Streamlined product and attribute creation and configuration
  • Responsive administration
  • Administrative data grids you can customize to suit your preferences and needs
  • Full-page caching that’s built into the platform
  • A new Magento Marketplace


Whether you set up your ecommerce site on Magento 1 or Magento 2, you’ll have plenty of extensions to choose from. Extensions are basically snippets of code you can add to your website’s backend to make your site do something that it didn’t do already. While other platforms have extensions too, Magento tends to have many more free and fee-based options to choose from.

Many ecommerce website owners and operators are drawn to extensions like “one-page checkout.” A lot of them are also attracted to extensions that enable them to display their products in grid and list form and that offer them the chance to pick a default display.

Industry Leaders That Use Magento Web Designs

With Magento providing so many key benefits, the platform having a generous assortment of desirable features. Magento giving its users access to such a large number of helpful, intuitive extensions, it’s no wonder that a lot of leaders across industries use the platform. What are some of the widely recognized companies that use Magento? Here are a few of them:

  • Ford Motor Company
  • Nike
  • Proctor & Gamble
  • 3M Co.
  • Cisco Systems, Inc.
  • Honeywell International, Inc.

Our Magento Web Design Projects 2018 & 2019

magento development los angelesOf course, your business doesn’t have to be an international, national or regional giant to use Magento. As we stated earlier, the platform is ideal for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re just starting out or already have an established business, we can create the best Magento site for you. We also guarantee it will be intuitive, well designed and optimized to maximize your sales growth.

Since we opened our doors, the experts at Sunlight Media have developed many websites on Magento for a wide array of businesses. Lolli Couture, Hi Street and Ecity Direct are just a handful of the clients we’ve had the privilege to create websites for on the Magento developer platform.

Contact us for Magento eCommerce Web Development

Just like we created Magento web designs for the businesses just mentioned and many more, we’ll be happy to create an ecommerce website for your organization. Whether you want a simple design or one that’s complex, we’ll make the vision come to life.

Contact Sunlight Media to learn more about our Magento services. Let us create the perfect website for your new online store.


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