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Are you aware that a typical consumer in the United States spends five hours on mobile devices every day?

There’s a statistic that’s even more eye-opening for people in Android or iPhone application development. That stat is that consumers spend 92 percent of the time they’re online using a mobile device in apps. Of that time, about 50 percent of it is spent in social, messaging and entertainment apps. Thanks in part to the communitainment trend.

People spend a lot of time using apps. The question businesses seek to answer is should they develop a mobile app or a mobile responsive website. In many instances, the answer is to have a mobile app and a mobile-optimized website.

Sunlight Media: "mobile app development companies"Reasons to Have a Mobile App for Your Business

If you think apps are limited to large, established brands, think again. Businesses of all sizes in every imaginable industry can benefit from having an app in addition to their mobile-oriented website. In fact, a well-designed, user-friendly app may prove to be one of your most powerful marketing tools regardless of how big or small your organization is. There are many choices when searching for mobile app development companies. Its important you do your diligence and find an app development company that you feel comfortable & confident with. Having the best mobile app design for your business is critical.

When consumers download an app, it’s within view every time they use the mobile device they added the app to. Even if they’re not going to use your app right away, they’ll remember the icon that represents your brand. This means your brand will be in their thoughts even if they scroll past your app in search of a different one.

Being constantly visible to consumers is a great thing because it means your brand is in the minds of consumers, even if it’s only in their subconscious. In addition to keeping your brand visible, having an app can provide more significant benefits.

Here are a few of them:

  • Increases Brand Recognition

    mobile app designIt’s only natural that your brand recognition will increase when your brand is always in the conscious or subconscious areas of your customers’ minds. This is what’s known as “effective frequency.” In general, a person has to see or hear about your brand around 20 times before they recognize your brand and feel comfortable buying your goods or services. When your app is on someone’s screen, it won’t take long for the person to see your brand 20 times or more.

  • Creates a Digital Marketing Channel

    app design companyA good app design company will ensure that anyone who downloads your app, will have all the information they want about your business and your goods or services at the exact moment they want it.

    You can use push notifications to send personalized messages about your sales and promotions, which can lead to direct interactions with your customers.


  • Provides Greater Value

    Sunlight Media is an "app development company"You can entice people to download and use your app by using it to provide greater value for them. Consider establishing a rewards program that gives people bonus points simply for downloading your app. When people use your app to make a purchase or they complete another desirable action like sharing your content on social media, you should give them more points they can redeem through your application. You can also create promotions or contests that are only available to people who use your app. Speak to your app development company about implementing one of these reward programs into your app.

  • Improves Engagement

    Sunlight Media LLC: "mobile app development services" Los Angeles CAIf people can use your app to send you messages, it can greatly enhance the way you engage with them. If you run a pet grooming shop or a salon, your customers can send you messages to make appointments. Similarly, people can send messages about their reservations if you operate a restaurant or hotel. If you have an app made for your doctor’s office, your patients can use your app to make appointments and ask questions about their health status or test results.

  • Differentiates Your Business from Competitors

    app designer for hireDespite the wide use of applications, it’s still rare for a small or midsize business to have an app of their own.

    This presents a fantastic opportunity for you to differentiate your organization from its competitors. Be the first, or one of the first, in your niche to have an app.


Sunlight Media is a "mobile app designer" in Los AngelesChoosing Mobile App Designers in Los Angeles

While price is an important factor for many organizations, it’s far from the only thing you should consider. You also need to think about whether an Android or iOS developer will work with you long term.

Choosing Sunlight Media as your android or ios developer in Los Angeles, ensures you get a local partner. We are fully committed to the success of your application. Changes are likely needed even after your prototype app is completed. Sunlight Media look to establish a long term relationship with all their clients. That’s our number one objective.

iOS & Android Development Services

Our app developers in Los Angeles are highly skilled & trained mobile app developers. They will work with you until your app is exactly the way you want it to be. It doesn’t matter if your app needs one minor change or multiple comprehensive revisions, we’ll handle them all.

Sunlight Media like to ensure our clients are happy with the end result. That’s why we’re willing to make an unlimited number of revisions to every application we design for our valued clients.

Mobile Application Development: Recent App Samples

Browse through our app development portfolio, to review recent Android and iOS application development projects.

Sunlight Media is an "iphone app development company in los angeles"Hawil

Today, many people rely on the Internet to request, make and receive payments. Hawil is an intuitive app that makes it easy and convenient to do all those things on a mobile device.

Safe and secure, Hawil is a great alternative to payment processors like PayPal.


app development companies near meHealth Calculator Pro

If you’re looking for an easy way to monitor your progress toward a health goal, you’ll love the Health Calculator Pro app we created.

This handy app combines six health calculators into one , making it a cinch to monitor your health. Download it from Google Play


"mobile app development company california" Services by Sunlight Media LLCJN Challenge JAMA Network

The JN Challenge is a fun, challenging way to hone your diagnostic and management skills using peer-reviewed case reports and images from across The JAMA Network®.

Would you like to learn more about our app development services? Review our app samples, and contact Sunlight Media for your free analysis.

We look forward to creating a sought-after app for your business!


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