Jesse J Bañuelos

Lawyer Web Design

Jesse J. Bañuelos has won thousands of difficult accident and immigration cases. For more than 25 years, Mr. Bañuelos has been fighting for the rights of thousands of people by obtaining fair and just compensation for accident victims, by helping many to get a green card, by defending many others against deportation, removal, etc.

Mr Bañuelos was very particular with the design and layout of his new custom WordPress website. We delivered at least 30 – 40 rounds of design revisions until our client was happy. We went through many font revisions, banner designs, various layouts and UI designs.

The final products is a website that satisfied our client 100%. The English and Spanish versions are all managed from one WordPress dashboard, that allow the client to make changes quickly and easily.

Here are a sample of the many design mocks our design team completed.


  • Website Developer