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Introduction to tree

If you spend any amount of time on the command line, chances are you sometimes want some kind of visual representation of directory structure. Fortunately there is a small and easy-to-use command line application that can help with this task. Known as tree, this is a command available for most all Linux, Unix and Unix-like […]

Making API requests with JavaScript

One of, if not the most important component of interacting with third-party services is communicating with their APIs. Standing for Application Programming Interface, this is the primary way in which different websites, applications and web services can talk to each other, receiving and sending data back and forth. This tutorial will serve as a basic […]

Fulfill Your Business’ Design Needs with Powered Template

The picture is worth a thousand words. The diminishing attention span makes attracting and keeping the clients’ attention harder, and a massive block of text is no longer enough to deliver the message. Companies that are not prepared to generate high-quality visual content lose to competition and fail. There are several ways to avoid this […]

Landing Pages CTA: The Ultimate Guide 2018

If you’re attempting to create an online marketing strategy, it’s vital for you to understand a few basic things. You need to know what a landing page is, for example. You also need to know about calls to action, or CTAs. Finally, you should be familiar with the way these things function as integral parts […]

Some common use cases of Sass

In an earlier post, we covered getting set up with Sass and being able to convert your files to standard CSS. In this post we’ll cover some of the most common techniques for getting the most out of Sass — making a variety of style rules significantly easier to write. Mixins With varying levels of […]

Native CSS3 Animations

Although popular libraries like Animate.css make it easy to add CSS animations to your project, they are largely comprised of common motions such as “bounce”, “shake” and other stock movements that can feel rather stale when overused. By taking advantage of the animation properties built in to CSS, you can create much more complex and […]

Why You Should Choose Magento for Your Website

Responsible for about 20 percent of the world’s websites, WordPress is often recognized as the best platform for content management. While that’s the case, Magento dominates in the world of ecommerce, boasting a 24.6 percent share of the market. Widely recognized brands like Samsung, Nike, Nestle and Vizio use Magento for their digital storefronts. Like […]

2018 Web Design Trends

You don’t have to run a professional web design company to see that web design is changing. You just have to jump online for a few minutes and click on various websites to see that some new trends are already becoming apparent in website design. While some trends like, perhaps, maximalism, may be more fleeting […]

Designing a Website with Lead Generation in Mind

In many instances, businesses count on their website to generate leads. While there are a lot of ways you can increase the number of people who visit your website, there are also a few things you can do to convert those visitors into leads. You may think having well-written content that’s loaded with keywords is […]

The Top 5 SEO Trends in 2018: How They’ll Impact Your Business

In a letter to Jean-Baptiste Leroy, Benjamin Franklin wrote, “…In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” While that may have been the case when Franklin wrote his letter in 1789, it’s certainly not the case now. Here is our analysis of the top 5 SEO trends of 2018. […]

Designing the Right Software for Your Business

In today’s connected business environment, it’s vital for you to have the right software for your business. The appropriate software can provide many benefits for your organization, with reduced overhead, improved processes and increased revenue being among them. The wrong software can cause big problems, which can include a lack of adoption by your staff, […]

Sunlight Media wins 2018’s Top Software Developers in the US

Sunlight Media, LLC has been named a top agency in the Q1 2018 UpCity Local Agency Marketplace rankings, earning a spot in the top 1% of all agencies in the United States. Top Software Developers in the US The UpCity team has analyzed and assessed software developers and software development firms throughout the United States […]

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