Top 10 iOS Apps of 2016

best-ios-apps-2016Want to get the most out of your iPhone or iPad? Here’s our picks of the top 10 apps available for iOS in 2016. These hand-selected choices will help to make the iOS experience even more of a joy to use than it already is. Whether you’re trying to be more productive, keep better track of your finances, or just have a bit of fun, we think these iOS apps are definitely worth checking out.


[Cost: Free]

Waze is one of the premier map and GPS navigation apps on the market. As a community-based navigation app, users submit the latest traffic conditions in their area, making sure your route is always the best one available. Providing real-time updates of traffic, accidents, red-light cameras, and even nearby police detection, Waze’s features are miles ahead of much of the competition.

Inbox by Gmail

[Cost: Free]

If you are both a Gmail and iOS user, you will definitely want to grab the free Inbox app by Gmail. This app recognizes patterns of your email use, organizing incoming messages accordingly. Whether it be flight updates, family photos, or delivery notifications, Inbox displays the most pertinent details without getting lost in email. The app even includes Snooze functionality, which allows you to deal with non-urgent messages at a later time.

Uber & Lyft

[Cost: Free]

If you live in an urban area, there’s a good chance you may have already heard of Uber and/or Lyft. Modeled on the taxi industry, but with a bit of a modern twist, both apps offer car ride services, usually within minutes from requesting a pick-up. While the general rate is usually way less than typical taxi fares, be careful of surge pricing which can raise the rates considerably. It’s a good idea to have both apps available on your iOS device for this reason, as the rates tend to vary between each service.


[Cost: Free for basic version; premium upgrades available for purchase]

Evernote is one of the pioneering note-taking applications, having been one of the first apps created during the boom of cloud-based web applications. Its feature list is more than comprehensive, with support for embedding of all media types (images, audio and video), outline/list-building capabilities, saving segments of web articles and online content, collaborative editing with your team, and much more. All of this is saved in a virtual “notebook”, which can be accessed from any web browser or device via Evernote’s online server. The paid Evernote Premium subscription service offers offline access, more flexible privacy settings, and other handy add-ons.


[Cost: Free for basic version; premium upgrades available for purchase]

In the industry of music streaming services, Spotify is definitely one worth taking note of. Offering an extremely wide catalogue of available music, from both major and independent artists alike, there is something for everyone on this popular music platform. There is a radio option and curated playlists for finding new music based on genre, as well as social media integration so you can stay up to date with what your friends are listening to. The premium monthly subscription offers unlimited streaming without ads, as well as the ability to save music for offline playback.


[Cost: Free for basic version; premium upgrades available for purchase]

In the current climate of most every website and app requiring login info, keeping track of a unique password for each is an almost insurmountable feat. 1Password keeps all of your passwords safe using modern encryption standards, requiring you only to remember one password (hence the name) to unlock access to them.


[Cost: Free]

Snapchat is a great way to stay in touch with friends, love ones, and even celebrities and publications you’d like to follow. You can send private photo, video and text messages that disappear after a set amount of time (usually just a few seconds), making sure your communications are discreet and private. The addition of a host of new filters that changes on a daily basis makes your messages all the more fun and engaging.


[Cost: Free]

Kindle is arguably the most popular e-book reader on the market, and now there is an app for it on iOS. Your favorite books, magazines, newspapers and other publications are available for purchase (or for free, in some cases) on Amazon, and your entire library will be available to you across all devices via the cloud. Even better is that you’ll never lose your reading place when switching between devices.


[Cost: Free]

Want to track and manage your finances better? If so, then Mint just might be the app for you. The app will keep track of balances and activity for all of your accounts (banking, credit cards, investments, etc.), monitor spending based on category, as well as notify you of that upcoming bill. It even lets you set budgets and financial goals, so you can actually see the progress you’re making.

Dark Sky

[Cost: $3.99]

If you’ve ever wanted a more detailed weather forecasting app than what the stock iOS Weather app has to offer, Dark Sky just might be the one for you. The app will show the weather for your specific location at any given moment, accurately able to predict by the minute. The elegance of the overall design makes Dark Sky the go to choice for anyone looking for a more premium weather app.


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