Should you move your website to WordPress? [Infographic]

Whether you have an existing website/blog that needs updating, or are starting an entirely new project altogether, WordPress is one of, if not the first Content Management Systems worth considering. User-friendly and easy to use, WordPress is an excellent platform for novices and technically-proficient users alike, with a low barrier to entry for anyone to get started with publishing content online.

In this new blog post, we have prepared an infographic that goes over some of the main considerations in deciding whether or not WordPress is a good fit for your website.

While offers web hosting for a pared-down version of the CMS, self-hosting the full open-source version on your own server is not only free, it is the best way to access the powerful customization and functionality of WordPress.

If you do decide to go with WordPress, we highly recommend going with WP Engine for your hosting needs. They offer premium managed hosting plans, custom tailored specifically for WordPress.

A PDF version of the infographic below is available here.



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