SEO Services Australia

SEO AustraliaAustralia is a beautiful, diverse country with a lot going for it. There are plenty of beaches, the amazing Outback, and of course a lot of diverse wildlife. Clearly anyone could write something like that, but if that’s all you have to say on your website tailored to Australians, your SEO is going to be in the tank. Actual Australians do not live the stereotypes and misconceptions that outsiders have of them, so if you want to improve your SEO among Australian customers, you will need to ensure your content is relevant to the way they actually live.

While mentioning local landmarks occasionally throughout your site can help get your name listed alongside those locations on search engines, anyone with Google maps can look up the famous opera house in Sydney and tell customers what is next to it. This won’t endear a business to the local population, and it certainly won’t improve your SEO that much. You’ll need to offer something that only insiders, or people who know insiders, know to talk about. Don’t go on and on about Fosters Beer, for instance – because while fosters markets itself as popularly Australian, real Australians don’t drink it. There are a lot of beers locally brewed in Australia that enjoy popularity among the populace, and so they have no need to drink what is commonly known as an inferior beer produced in Canada.

Though Australians speak English, the people also use a lot of slang, commonly known as ‘Strine.’ To optimize your SEO for Australia, you will want to make sure that you use some of these, such as the phrase ‘fair dinkum’ to mean Australian. However, you will first want to make sure you know what phrases actually show up in modern Australian slang. You don’t want to use the phrase ‘throw another shrimp on the barbie,’ for instance. This is not an example of Australian slang, but is instead a part of an old marketing campaign to encourage tourism to Australia. People who say this are viewed as dumb foreigners, which is certainly bad for your business. In SEO terms, it will also not serve to drive any Australian customers to your site because they want to read about the silly people using it who don’t understand Australia at all – so if your site doesn’t use it ironically to show your business understand it isn’t a business that understands real Australians, it won’t matter what your SEO is. You won’t be gaining new customers.

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