How to Outsmart Your Business Competitors: The Ultimate Guide for 2019

When you’re a business owner, keeping your head above water requires cunning and creativity. If you find success, others will try to copy what you’re doing. You may feel as though your competitors are like ravaging wolves trying to nip at your heels and take you down. There are about 30.7 million small businesses in […]

How to Attract New Clients to Your Business

Starting a business presents many challenges along the way. Many companies fail in the first 10 years — about 77 percent of them. For business owners, figuring out the perfect mixture of tactics to make a business thrive long-term is one of the biggest challenges they face. Gaining new customers is just one part of […]

Landing Pages CTA: The Ultimate Guide 2018

If you’re attempting to create an online marketing strategy, it’s vital for you to understand a few basic things. You need to know what a landing page is, for example. You also need to know about calls to action, or CTAs. Finally, you should be familiar with the way these things function as integral parts […]

The Importance of Brand Extension

Right now, brand extension is important for companies that want to be innovative and ahead of the game in regards to business trends. This is currently an emerging trend that has great potential simply because the focus is on both the business and the consumer. The business side is concerned about establishing itself as a […]

360° Technology Marketing Campaigns

An upcoming marketing trend that has potential to take over when it hits the marketplace is the use of virtual reality. While virtual reality is on hold in the marketing world at the moment due to current lack of accessibility for the majority of consumers, 360° technology has just begun to make a presence in […]

The best tips for marketing on Pinterest

Marketing with Pinterest can be difficult. It is a rapidly growing community with an interesting take, and learning how to use it to your advantage is extremely important. To begin, keep your pinterest board clean and organized. Clutter is not a good thing on pinterest. People do not want to take hours sorting through what […]

The best Restaurant Marketing Ideas

Maintaining a respectable media presence may seem out of your control, but there are many steps you can take to improve your local media presence. Positive local press is essential for driving business toward your restaurant. Volunteering in your community and donating to local causes is a good way to increase your positive media exposure. […]

The best tips to market your mobile app

It’s easier than ever to make your own app and share it with the world. The bad news is that it is harder than it sounds to make a profit. Consumers have lots of choices when they go to an app store to make a purchase. How do you make your app stand out? First, […]

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