A Quick Guide To Magento Tutorials Available Online

Magento tutorials onlineAs we’ve illustrated in previous blog posts, Magento is arguably the best shopping cart option available for any e-commerce business (for more info on why Magento is such a great choice, check out our earlier blog post, 10 Reasons Why To Choose Magento for your E-commerce Website). While you can certainly pay someone to manage your site after it’s been built, it’s extremely valuable to know what goes into handling administration on the backend, especially if you’re going to maintain your online store yourself.

Due to the power and wide-ranging scope of Magento’s capabilities, it sometimes can be a little intimidating for novices unfamiliar with the platform or experience with any other content management systems. To help mitigate the learning curve and instill a sense of confidence when working with the platform, we’ve rounded up some of the best available resources (both free and paid-for) for learning Magento.

Magento Tutorials Available For Free

Level Up Tutorials

Level Up hosts a large variety of video tutorials on all things related to web development technologies. Their series on the Community edition of Magento is exceptional, offering over 40 videos that range from installing the platform, all the way to more advanced configurations. This a good place to look if you’re just getting started with Magento.

Tutorial Magento

If you prefer written guides over the video format, Tutorial Magento is a good resource. They offer 40 short and easy-to-follow guides on various topics like setting up Configurable Products, Adding Custom Tabs to Product Pages, and other features you’re likely to want to know as you build your online store.


YouTube is an enormous resource for just about anything, and Magento is no exception. There is tons of free material available on the platform. A good idea is to filter your searches by most views, as this tends to result in the most useful and trusted videos.


SiteGround is a popular web hosting provider, but they also have an excellent database of tutorials on general Hosting info, WordPress, Joomla, and of course Magento. Their Magento tutorials are a pretty good starting point for those who like to follow text-based guides.

Paid-For Online Tutorials


Tuts+ has been around for quite a few years now, and has earned a reputation as a trusted resource for tutorials of all kinds. The price point of $15/month is also an incredible value, allowing you access to every tutorial available on the site. While they have several free written tutorials on Magento available, the “Magento Fundamentals” video course is a worthwhile investment, taught by a certified Magento developer. Please note that this course is at an intermediate to advanced level, assuming at least some knowledge of and experience with basic web development.


Udemy is another major player in the realm of subscription-based online courses and tutorials. They offer six different courses on the subject, ranging from beginner to advanced. Their Introduction to Magento Community Edition For Beginners is a fairly extensive overview for those just coming to the platform for the first time. While their courses have to be purchased individually, they offer lifetime access and a 30-day money back guarantee.

Magento U

Lastly, Magento offers several courses themselves, each tailored to either Developers, System Administrators or Merchants / Marketers. If you don’t mind the $119 price point, the Merchant Track course is a good fit for those wanting an in-depth guide to taking their management of the Magento platform to the next level.


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