Fulfill Your Business’ Design Needs with Powered Template

Business’ Design Needs with Powered Template

The picture is worth a thousand words. The diminishing attention span makes attracting and keeping the clients’ attention harder, and a massive block of text is no longer enough to deliver the message. Companies that are not prepared to generate high-quality visual content lose to competition and fail. There are several ways to avoid this fate, and you can choose one that suits your business needs and budget.

Three Ways to Generate High-Quality Business Visuals

To produce presentations, newsletter designs, posters, and other online and offline marketing materials, you can:

  1. Hire an in-house designer. It’s the most time-consuming and expensive approach since you will need to offer a good salary and waste weeks on recruiting, but you get unique designs whenever you require them.
  2. Outsource design to freelancers. Hiring a freelance designer is cheaper though finding a qualified professional may be difficult. Since the freelancer takes other orders, you might have to wait a few days or weeks for your design to be complete.
  3. Use Powered Template. You can choose the template, download and customize it to fit your needs in a few minutes. And with multiple membership options at https://poweredtemplate.com, you can develop dozens of designs without wasting time on recruiting or looking for freelancers.

Is Powered Template the Best Option for Your Business?

Hiring a designer to expand your team or buying a premium membership is an investment to be considered carefully. Editable templates might not be the ideal solution for all companies. It is the perfect option for your business if

  • Your design needs are moderate, with 10 to 60 designs necessary per month.
  • Your budget does not allow for an in-house or freelance designer.
  • You have sufficient knowledge and skills to customize the templates.
  • You can afford to spend time on customizing pre-made templates with your data.
  • You need the design to be ready in under 24 hours and do not have time to look for professional help.
  • You are ready to search for a perfect template to suit your needs among 50,000+ options.

How to Make Most of the Powered Template Membership?

Start with presentations by downloading a free brochure template so you can evaluate the quality of the designs and ensure it meets your needs. All templates are editable and compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint, LibreOffice, and Google Slides. Most presentation designs come with many slides, light and dark versions, and some offer editable data charts.

If you find a premium template you like, and you don’t have other design needs at the moment, choose a single template download option. The price depends on the design and the number of pages and color options available.

Silver membership options are perfect for businesses that require digital templates: maps, presentations, data charts, and MS Word designs. Gold memberships are more expensive as they come with print templates included and an increased number of daily and monthly downloads available.

If you need to create a high-quality presentation, business card or brochure, Powered Template is the quickest and cheapest option. Customizable designs and instant download make it an ultimate pit-stop design solution for companies without in-house or on-call designers.


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