Entrepreneurship in Today’s World

Society is taking advantage of their resources now more than ever before in respect to starting a business. With the advancement of web-based companies and the increased ease of creating a business, especially online, paired with the desire to be able to work from any location, has resulted in the consumer becoming entrepreneurial. Right now, 18% of the Millennial generation in the United States said they plan to start their own business within the next three years. That percentage may not seem very high, but considering there are 75 million of them in the US, that’s an amount large enough to catch the attention of already existing companies. With the way entrepreneurship is growing, competition is going to become even thicker for online businesses as the years go on. Having a significant point of difference will change from being helpful for consumer traffic, to being necessary in order to even be a consideration in the consumer’s mind.

Some large companies are accommodating for this major shift in society right now. Staying ahead of the curve, they have already recognized business opportunities for this emerging market of entrepreneurs.

MasterCard Start Path

The idea behind Start Path is to provide global startups with the needed technology to grow internatioEntrepreneurship in Today's Worldnally. Start Path helps provide and create this technology, but they also connect the new companies with business partners and potential customers. In addition to giving them all these resources to be successful in a global marketplace,they give them information. This information ranges anywhere from how to write a business plan to financial tips to ways to create a brand strategy. By starting this program, MasterCard has successfully worked its way into the entrepreneurial market but also into the global market. Not only is it easier for consumers to start their own businesses, but it is easier to be connected on a global level.


EntrepreneurshipWeLive by WeWork is designed to provide people with a shared living space, meaning that the area is shared with other services, creative spaces, and people if desired. WeWork started this type of living arrangement for entrepreneurs and startup companies. They recognized that starting a business is not always easy, and using WeLive as a temporary living arrangement until business picks up was one goal of WeWork’s. It is cheaper and is month-to-month rather than a contractual lease. Another purpose behind WeLive was to provide entrepreneurs with creative spaces. Now that most people are working from wherever they please, WeWork thought that people would rather live among creativity and be around other people rather than working from a home office and possibly having to leave in order to get to a creative thinking space. WeLive provides these individuals with everything they want right where they want it: at home.

While these two companies are ahead of most in creating services for the new entrepreneurial market, they are paving the way for future business. Companies creating accommodations for this market is only going to grow as they become a larger part of society. 

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